Monday, March 04, 2013

Moving office, is at best, a one off business process. At worst it is something your enterprise may need to do several times. In both scenarios though, moving office is not something you are going to do often enough to get really good at. Let’s face it; the first time we do anything is bound to be littered with mistakes. It is a sad business truism that ‘experience is something you get, just after you REALLY need it’.

So for example; at what point in the moving process do you set a moving date? In the ideal world you would pick a date that best suits your business needs. A day when a few customers call on you. A slow day, in slow period would be great wouldn’t it? But how many office moves are chosen for the moving business, by the availability of the premises, the fitting out of the new office or the moving firm? But this really is allowing the tail to wag the dog. OfficeMan will work with you back from your ideal moving date. We can search all available commercial real estate premises according to your requirements. We will save you all the legwork as long as you give us your requirements in terms of space, fittings, location and of course date.

When it comes to the fitting out of your new offices, OfficeMan can provide any number of quotes for refurbishment and preparation work. The final decisions are always yours, but you have none of the hassles and time lost in checking out unsuitable contractors or suppliers.

When it comes to office furnishings, give OfficeMan your detailed requirements and we can find the best deals and arrange for delivery and receipt on your behalf so that you can move in on the big day and hit the ground running without tripping over and losing business. Meeting customer requirements is what successful business are all about. At OfficeMan we aim to not only meet but exceed your office move requirements while you concentrate on doing what you do best.

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