Thursday, September 30, 2010

When you decide to enter college, you have two choices. You can either attend a college or university, or attend one online. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Once you learn what these are, you can weigh the two options and choose the one that is right for you.

Online Colleges and Universities

Flexibility and accessibility are the two primary advantages of an online degree program. You can choose schedules or log on to complete assignments, upload class projects or interact with your teacher when you need to. The format and schedule for online classes tends to be less rigid than on-campus class schedules, where teachers and students have to be present at the same place and time.

Attending college online also breaks down the geographic barriers because you do not have to move to attend the college or university you want to earn your degree from. This means you can live in one area and attend class clear across the country.

Campus Colleges and Universities

College and university campuses allow for face-to-face and social interaction that is different than online classes. Some education experts argue that part of attending college is the in-person interaction student’s gain from each other and their teachers. This is part of the socialization process as much as it is an educational one. In addition, colleges and universities offer activities, programs and club that extend beyond the classroom, which is something that online colleges and universities cannot offer students.

As far as cost is concerned, online learning institutions can be more cost effective. Foremost, because the programs tend to be shorter than on-campus programs, and secondly because many of the online colleges are universities do not have a physical campus, so overhead expenses are much less than those educational institutions running huge facilities and campuses.

When it comes your education, make an educated decision about what will work best for you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You're posting original content and have been following Big G's TOS but suddenly your blog can't be found... You logged in to Blogger dashboard only to find out that it was deleted. Now, what?!

Relax. Calm down and follow the prompts to have your blog restored.

When Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed was deleted, I tried so hard not to cry. I was in great pain and depression. Losing a blog is worse than losing its page rank. What hurts even more is the fact that I am not guilty. My blog was not a SPAM!

Even if my mind was hazy and confused, I still consulted Google for solution. I've found the answer at Blogger forum. Ironic. I was seeking help from someone who had just let me down! But it's worth it since my blog was restored. Though it was a negative experience, I am still happy and thankful with the result.

This is actually an outdated post, I was not able to provide the complete details about it on my old post at Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone. The images below will tell you why. Nonetheless, I am still sharing this to everyone. My friend's blog just got deleted for the same reason - SPLOG (spam blog) even though it's not.

Here are the three surefire steps to restore your deleted blogspot blogs (provided that it is really not a spam!):

1. Click the RESTORE link on your Blogger dashboard. You will be redirected to a page like this:

Take note of the date.

2. Submit your URL to SPAM APPEALS spreadsheet for another blog review. You can only do this if you're done with the first "unlock" request (See STEP1).

3. Post a report on Something Is Broken board in the Blogger forum about your deleted blog stating what you've done so far and the dates when you did those steps. Don't hijack other people's thread so you must start a new discussion. Take a look at what I've posted.

You have to be patient and be reasonable. If you want to get help, help yourself first.

I made consistent follow ups about my case and I even filed a new appeal right after escalating it.

Remember that the first and most important step to avoid blog deletion is complying to Blogger's policies:
- Blogger Content Policy
- Google Privacy Policy
- Google Terms of Service

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Once thought of as a "New Age" activity, yoga is now considered a mainstream form of exercise. Yoga studios have popped up all over the country, especially on the coasts, and millions of people are discovering the benefits of practicing yoga. Even most gyms now offer a yoga class or two. The great thing about yoga is that it is good for both the mind and the body.

In today's world, families are often pulled in multiple directions. Being stressed has become the norm, since most people face demands from work, family, social activities, and more. To combat this, most people end up trying some form of stress reduction. Unfortunately, many common forms of stress reduction are just ways of masking the symptoms of stress. Watching television, taking prescription drugs, and drinking alcohol are just a few of the ways that people escape stress. Over indulgence in these stress reducers can lead to problems that jeopardize the health and safety of your children. However, activities like yoga can actually reduce stress in a safe and healthy way.

Finding A Yoga Studio

If you've ever been on a website with affiliate program reviews, you know how eager some people can be to promote their product or service. The Internet is a great way to find information on yoga studios in your area. You might also get word-of-mouth reviews from people you know. When looking for a yoga studio, ask around. Chances are that some of your friends have tried or heard about a good studio or yoga teacher. When you find a studio or gym you want to try, be sure to ask about the classes that are offered. Some yoga classes are advanced, and not all studios are family-friendly. If you live in a part of the country with a warm climate, you might even find outdoor yoga classes.

While many sites are dedicated to online safety, everyone should also take precautions to keep their family safe in the real world, too. Online protection can be as easy as clicking a button or installing a piece of software, but real-world dangers are a little trickier. Sometimes, we get so immersed in the internet that it's easy to forget.

While slips and falls account for many injuries inside the home, both over-the-counter and prescription drugs are also dangerous. For small children, the attractive colors and packaging of some medicines can be extremely appealing. Let's face it; some children will eat anything. Older children like to experiment or could have depression issues that they are trying to self-treat. Abuse of both over-the-counter and prescription medications is on the rise. Make sure that you secure all medications and keep the poison control center's number handy.

Car safety is another big issue. While we worry about those long trips, most accidents happen within a few miles of home. This could be due to being over-confident on our home turf, or it could be because we're always worrying about day-to-day responsibilities. Try to be aware of the traffic and road conditions at all times, always wear your seat belt, and cover yourself with good car insurance. If you've let your coverage lapse, don't forget to get a few auto insurance quotes for a good price.

Make sure you protect your personal information offline, too. Identity theft is on the rise in real life just like it is on the internet. Shred all of your financial documents, and pay attention to who's looking over your shoulder at the ATM machine. While using your debit or credit card, look for anything unusual before inserting your card. Many scammers insert a tiny device in the slots at gas pumps and ATM machines to record your personal information.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

As a parent, you're probably familiar with the frustration of planning activities for your family fun nights. It's a wonderful idea to have an evening set aside each week for relaxing and sharing some quality bonding time, but it doesn't always work out the way you anticipate. Let's face it, as kids get older, it's difficult to keep them interested in the traditional board games or playing cards.
One solution that many parents enjoy is to build a family game night around video games. If your kids love their DS system or are Xbox fans, you can probably spend quite a few nights competing with each other using the current video games you have at home, but there are some drawbacks to this kind of family gaming. For one thing, your kids are going to have a distinct advantage if they've been playing their games for hours every week and you only play the game on family night.

We know the goal isn't to win, but honestly, is it really fun for everyone when one or two experts at a particular game always trounce other family members soundly week after week? You probably also have to contend with your kids each clamoring for their particular favorite game to be the game of choice each week. How do you choose even a video game that everyone will enjoy?

One of the best solutions is to download games the whole family will enjoy. One of the biggest advantages to this approach is the constant availability of new and challenging games that can satisfy the whole family. Your family fun night can begin with the whole family choosing a new game to download. When playing the a new game you've downloaded, you'll also even the playing field, with everyone starting at the same skill level, which keeps the competition a friendly, fun, learning experience everyone can enjoy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Keeping your family safe is very important. While there are many things to think about when it comes to precautions and safety, there is one area where thoughts sometimes fail to enter the mind. The topic at hand is actually located in many back yards - the swimming pool. Families with young children will often consider pool safety in terms of ways to make sure that kids cannot access the pool area unless they are properly supervised. While this is certainly important, another area of concern is the balance of chemicals and bacteria within the pool water itself.

Many people use a pool start-up kit when they first acquire a swimming pool, but then maintenance falls by the wayside as time continues. Keeping track of the chemical balance in the swimming pool is always important. Levels of bromine, chlorine and PH all have an effect on the look, smell and safety of the pool water. Keeping everything within proper range will ensure that bacteria levels do not rise out of control. When bacteria levels in swimming pools get even slightly out of whack, people can become sick. E Coli, rhinoviruses and gastroenteritis can all thrive in environments where chemical imbalances occur.

Proper chemicals are available at stores where pool supplies are found. In addition to bromine and chlorine, you will also find algaecide, alkaline additives, and other pertinent pool chemicals. Testing kits are also available, usually in the dip strip form. These kits allow you to test the levels of individual chemicals as well as the water quality. Most tests are color based and enable you to hold the strip up to a chart for an instantaneous readout of the chemical level. Based on applicable levels, you can then add the correct stabilizers to even out the condition of the pool water. Keeping your pool family-friendly doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oDesk 101

Monday, September 20, 2010

Most women would consider her handbag not only a functional necessity but also a sacred object that contains all the vital things required. More than simply toting around our cash and credit cards, our purse contains the truly essential items: lipstick, dental floss (for that errant piece of black pepper that we DO NOT want to walk around with in our teeth), business cards (network, network, network!), scrap paper and pen, a nail file, tampons, and of course the all-important cell phone. We may even carry our new iPad in our purse. Soon, we'll just empty out the contents of our brains into our bags and be done with it.

Then there's the fashion element; everyday handbags say more about the woman who carries it than her clothing — it may be a casual day or a gym day or a just-throw-something-on day, so clothing isn't always representative of style. But a nice bag . . . well that's something that looks good even without makeup or freshly washed hair. Also, we tend to carry the same handbag with every outfit, because let's face it: it's too much trouble to transfer the "kitchen sink" into another bag.

A handbag should match a woman's lifestyle. If you are on the go a lot, you need a purse that will go with you, one with plenty of room. If you have young children, you may need a handbag that doubles as a diaper bag. Women spend an amazing amount on their handbags, way more than they would consider spending on one item of clothing. A classic full size Chanel purse will easily run you over two thousand dollars. But it will last practically forever.

So it appears that a woman's handbag can be almost an extension of who she is — and is way more than merely a bag.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What's up everyone? BHO seems to have very few updates, right? It's not that I'm quitting from the blogosphere, it's just that I'm having a hard time adjusting to my new work schedule plus I'm nursing my younger sister back to health. Lol. Seriously, I'm worried about her. I'll accompany her to the doctor or the the dentist, maybe. Her face is swollen! Argh.

Anyway, let's get back to business. What's with the title? Here:

I have so many blogs and Pinkville is the most personal one so I posted it there. I'm still on Day 04 but I'm very confident that I'll make it 'til the end of September!

Come on guys, challenge yourselves! We can do it! Just click the banner above to join The 30-Day Challenge!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Municipal bonds, or munis, are an investment option some individuals like to use because bond values may be exempt from federal and state income tax, depending on the type of bond. Based on the fact that several government organizations issue bonds as a way to raise funds for public projects like schools, sewer systems, highways, housing, and hospitals, some view munis as safe investments.

With bond values, the face value remains the same regardless of the interest rate. The face value is the principal, or the original amount, you invested when you purchased the bond. The face value also indicates whether or a not a bond is selling at a premium amount, which means the bond values are higher than the principal amount. Discounted munis mean the seller is letting the bond go for less than the principal investment.

While many bonds have a set interest rate and pay investors the earned interest on a semi-annual basis, there are other types of bonds. Floating rate bonds and zero coupon bonds can affect bond values because the interest rates fluctuate based on predetermined benchmark interest rate indexes. With zero coupon bonds, you don't receive a payment until the bond matures, at which point you get the face value plus any compounded interest.

Since bond values may change based on the interest rate, you may want to use online resources to track future values. Online bond values calculators allow you to enter the information for a specific bond into the template in order to get an estimated value. If you have an idea of the factors affecting the value, this can be a quick way to determine the value. Some investors also use bond indices to determine the yield, duration, and final value for a bond.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Online shopping has never been easy and rewarding these days! Some precious items are just few clicks away. Imagine yourself buying what you want and like at the comfort of your own homes! Isn't it great? Aside from the fact that you have lots of choices when you shop online, it also gives you the opportunity to score best deals and get additional perks. There's also after-sale supports that allows you to keep in touch with the seller.

Among the popular items shopped online are electronic gadgets, beauty products, car accessories, clothing, jewelries and office needs. However, not all products are on sale on specific dates. One good practice to take advantage of discounts is through coupon or promo codes. Using coupon codes is easy. Sometimes, you have to simply click on the link for it to be reflected on the shopping cart. You may also manually type the provided codes before checking out once you've placed your order.

If you wish to get extra 20% off on lamp or furniture orders, Kmart coupons can do the trick! Plenty of discounts can be overwhelming especially if you are on a tight budget. You won't believe the amazing items that you can possibly buy at discounted prizes! Halloween sale is just around the corner but you can also purchase other featured products. There are also coupon codes for free shipping! Convenience and satisfaction are just coupon codes away, right?

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