Friday, December 18, 2009


I would like to thank everyone who congratulates me for every contest I've won and for every earning I've posted.

I also appreciate your comments and due to insistent public demand, I am sharing some ODESK tips.

The most important: BE PATIENT!

And here are my personal ODESK tips:

1. Focus on quality not quantity in terms of job application.
This is not being pessimistic, but if you think you're not likely the best candidate for that job opening, shrug it off and apply to a different one instead. (Especially that you have a job quota.)

2. Personalize your cover letter and be professional. Address the needs and required skills listed. Sending the same cover letter over and over again is not so impressive. Yes, you can have a cover letter template but make sure it suits the job you are applying for. I am not a fan of generic greeting/openings either. I make sure to check the main page of job posting to at least get the name of the client so that I can address him/her properly with:

Hi {insert FIRST NAME here}
Dear {Salutation (Mr/Ms) insert LAST NAME here}

3. Update your ODESK profile and market yourself.

4. Take Odesk TESTS. (Though, I did not take any aside from the readiness examination.)

5. Only apply to jobs posted by verified buyer. Though unverified ones still pay, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings from them unless they verify their account. Otherwise, ODESK will hold the paid amount.

6. Set up your job alerts. It's good to be updated about latest job posting. Plus, it pays to apply early! One of the common reason I get when I did not get the job is: "All Positions Filled". No matter how qualified you are in a certain job, your chances become limited if you're one of the few late applicants. Most buyers interview applicants based on the date of application.

7. Do your best on every job once you get it. Aside from getting good feedback, the buyer can add you to their favorites. I have been FAVORITEd once (on my profile) but I have 3 consistent clients who always email me once they have a new job opening. Of course when people are satisfied with your work, they will be the one to look for you. ^_^

If you want to be an ODESK provider, sign up now!!! Buyers can use the same link to sign up!

My current ODESK Profile:

Visit the Learning Center and be guided by experts' advice.

Check out ODESK Essentials for a quick overview of what you need to know.

That would be it for now! 'Til next time!


Jena Isle said...

Thanks Liz, for these pointers. Good luck to us. lol

Anonymous said...

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fedhz said...

Huwaw! that's great! it's because you can write pretty well, Liz. thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Welcome! Goodluck everyone! Earn more!

bambie said...

I signed up for oDesk last October and although I was selected for an interview, it never materialized. But last Sunday, I applied for a writing job and had my online interview and the guy hired me right away!☺

I started with a low-paying job just to get the feel of it. I've been working since Sunday and so far, I've got $15.00 worth of pending balance so that to me is good.

Thanks for your tips Liz!☺

Vera said...

I signed up for Odesk before but never got down to actually going for a job. I'm just not so sure how to make it work for me. I'll give it another shot someday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz....

RACNicole said...

Hi, this is Nicole from Rent a Coder.

You've written a very informative post with some points that can apply to any freelance service. I'd like to point out a few issues with using services like oDesk however, since those issues could influence your satisfaction and earnings.

First, oDesk requires workers to move their mouse/keyboard every minute or two, or they don't guarantee to pay you. This can be very difficult (or impossible), when you're doing things like planning, design or other mental work. To protect yourself, you have to try to remember to constantly jiggle your mouse (which can be like "trying to talk and chew bubble gum at the same time"), or choose to forego the guarantee. Rent a Coder pays you for this sort of work without requiring you to do this. In addition, Odesk only guarantees to pay you for the first eight hours in a day. If you're working hard on a project for a buyer and have to go over that time, you do it at your own risk. At Rentacoder, every hour is guaranteed.

Second, oDesk's limited arbitration could prevent you from getting rightfully paid for the work you do. oDesk won't test your work to make sure it meets contract requirements. At Rentacoder, we offer arbitration on all projects free of charge and we test your deliverables to make sure they meet requirements so that you can get paid.

Third, workers on Odesk cannot place more than 2 bids a month unless they take certain Odesk tests, or receive feedback on a certain number of projects. With limited opportunities, you may not be successful with a service that limits your ability to bid. That's why Rent a Coder offers free and unlimited bidding.

There are other differences as well. I invite you and your visitors to compare the 7 major services through this link to learn even more:

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