Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The contest week is not yet over but for now, I'm back to provide update about my Personal Finance Management Seminar with Mr. Armand Bengco of Colayco Foundation. It was so kind of him to share the informative slides after his presentation.

The seminar was entitled: PISObilities! -MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES
It was a lively discussion and as much as I wanted to share the exact documentation used, I am not sure if that would be legal. Yes, I did not upload the powerpoint files. But let me just share you the important lessons I have learned.

* Personal finance is not always about money.
Yes we know that it involves money but it should not end there. It includes income and wealth and along it there is continuous earning, planning, saving, spending and investing.

* Being wealthy is a state of wellness. It is being able to support your lifestyle even without working. You just sit and let your money work for you.

* There are two sources of income: ACTIVE income and PASSIVE income. Active income primarily comes from our salary, commissions, sidelines, OTs and more while PASSIVE income is derived from INVESTMENT income (Financial Assets, Real Estate, Direct Business Ownership)

*Here is a smart way of spending your money: SPEND your active income solely for your NEEDS and your PASSIVE income for your WANTS. (Surely, there will be no guilty feeling even a bit of it.)

*We have allies and obstacles to wealth generation. Allies are time, compound interest and leverage. As for obstacles we have inflation, procrastination, spending habits, culture and traditions.

1. Emergency Fund- Equal to one month income
2. Protect yourself - Secure term life/accident
3. Get out of debt
4. Find additional/new sources of Active Income
-Start a business (pooling)
-New employment (Consultancy / “Teach”)
5. Start your long term investment plan


One of their motto: “We can never control the winds……But we can certainly learn to adjust our sails.”

True success can't be measured by HOW MUCH YOU EARN. BUT HOW MUCH YOU GET TO SAVE & GROW.

These few details could not speak everything for me. The seminar is really an eye-opener so I suggest that you attend one if the opportunity arises. Be proactive during the discussion because they are giving away cool rewards!

You may visit www.colaycofoundation.com or onewealthynation.com to be more enlightened!


Vera said...

Did you have to pay for the seminar? where is it held? I'm thinking of attending one and taking my boyfriend along with me. God knows we both need something like this.

BTW, I am hosting a planner giveaway over at my blog. maybe you'd be interested?

Anonymous said...

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Liz said...

Hi Vera! I will join your contest, too! I’ll be back with the URL of my post.

Regarding your question about the Personal Finance Management Seminar, here’s colayco’s contact details:
Unit 805 Citystate Centre Condominium,
709 Shaw Boulevard
Tel. No. 6373731 / 6373741
Text Hotline: 0917-8537333
website: http://www.colaycofoundation.com
email: info@colaycofoundation.com


Btw, our seminar is for Free. I don’t know though if our HR shouldered the seminar fee.

Best regards,

momgen said...

I mailed your prizes hope you will receive soon.. Anyway I have another giveaway but this time it is for a cause check it out at mommyko.com

Jena Isle said...


I will be having also a simple and easy contest in my blog, which I will only post for a tw0-day duration. December 14 and December 15. It's very easy to participate because it's a book tour. You could drop by on those dates, and participate.

Thanks and more power. By the way, I could sponsor a one month widget on my side bar for those who come from here and would be visiting and commenting on December 14 and December 15, aside from the chance of winning the prize of course.

Good luck.

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