Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wow! It's been a while since I last checked my RS account and I was so surprised to see the current review rate: $2.50! I started with them when they buy consumer reviews for $2.00 and my first payment reached $58. Since then, I was not able to write more reviews since I've been busy exploring other earning sites. Right now, I still have $37 on my account and my last review was written last 11th of November. I have actually lots of items to review, it's just I don't have enough time.

Review Stream is a good paying site and my first online income was from them. I love it because they allow you to review anything under the sun!

If you wish to know more about Review Stream, just navigate the QUICK CASH on my left side bar. You will find helpful tips here and some payment proof.

Get paid for sharing your opinions!


bambie said...

wow, that's great news! :) i haven't explored the site yet but i might one of these days. :)

btw, in ask2link, you just need to register your blog after you've created an account. then you just have to install a certain script in your blog which you can place on your sidebar. once you've registered your blog and it gets approved, advertisers will be able to see your blog in A2L's listings and they'll contact you if the want to buy a link on your blog so they can place their ads there.

Liz said...

I see. I am still exploring A2L.
As for RS, I haven't written any new review yet. Haha. But I will.

fedhz said...

Hi. I have written for RS last year. I only reached $4 so I was way too far from cashing out.

Do your reviews fall under bulk reviews? ^^

Liz said...

Hi Fedhz... most of my reviews are $2 each. Once it is rejected, I then submit it for bulk rate. ^_^

Liz said...


Review Stream has high approval rates for Cosmetics, Electronics, Medicine and Travel Reviews. But then again, you can review everything here!

So I focus on those categories. ^_^

Caerol_RS_reviewer said...

I also earn through RS and I'm currently writing on my way to 3rd payout.

For newbies, I would like to share some tips in writing a review so that you can reach payout in a month.

Hopefully, I can reach my goal in time for Christmas.

Liz said...

Great Caerol!

I have actually stumbled upon that post of yours even before you share the link here. ^_^

Let's earn more!

Review Stream: 10 Tips To Make More Money By Writing Reviews

Alita Duplanty said...

I was way too far from cashing out.
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