Thursday, December 10, 2009

*Big hugs* for Princess Mary for bringing up this bright idea!

Okay, quick update for this contest: There are currently 31 participants and 297 raffle entries. Just to reiterate, we have two categories: Birthday Raffle & Points System. Though 1 point is equivalent to 1 entry, the "Points System" however will just include the points gained by writing your OWN reviews. Highest pointer will receive the BEST REVIEWER Award/Prize and yes, it's possible to win this and any of the three other major prizes!

Click the badge below to review the contest details:

BHO Contest

Now, what is this REFERRAL program?

Refer your friends to join this contest and gain more points! 1 referral gives you 3 points. If in case your friend does not want to join and would like to carry on SELECTIVE tasks, his/her supposed-to-be points/entries for that corresponding task will be credited to you. If he or she willingly donates all of his/her points to you, that would be fine but you will not gain referral points anymore since all of the points will be transferred to you instead.

IMPORTANT: No new blogs or phony account.

Note: Rules are still subject to changes.

There are more contests on my previous posts so feel free to back-read. And there is also an upcoming contest at Jena Isle's blog. She's one of my generous sponsors and on top of $35 cash prize from BHO, she will be giving away additional $5 to the Best Reviewer of her site.

For questions and clarifications about this contest, feel free to leave your comments.

Thank you for the continuous support!


Jena Isle said...

Thanks, Liz for the linky love. It will still be on December 14 & 15, but it's good to be an early bird.

Good luck to your contest.

teJan said...

here for a visit;) have a nice day!

Rose said...

wow good idea nga yan sis. good luck sa mga kasali

burn078 said...

hello Liz,

This very exciting contest. But I just want to ask. How will you know that he/she was being referred by someone else?

My Memories and Crystals said...

Exciting ito, thanks for this update, I will try to invite some friends.

Marice said...

same question sissy.. what if someone just follow the link posted on our blog? are those counted and how it will be tracked? :)

Liz said...

Sorry for the late reply guys...

the referred participant or the referrer should notify me through his/her comment on the main CONTEST post.

@ Marice
for the referred participants, I just count their entries if the referrer or he/she himself/herself informs me through a comment.

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