Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maybe, I'm just so blessed to win more prizes from different contests! Look what I've got this time:

Another book won from the Virtual Book Tour of "A Puppy, Not a Guppy!"

Thanks to Jena Isle's Random Thoughts and to Holly Jahangiri's Imaginary Friends for having these back-to-back contests!

Yes, I love reading and I'm so excited to touch hold those books.

And because I love to read and write, my officemate gave me a COSMO magazine as a gift for our "Kris Kringle: Something That Reminds Me Of You". Haha. I already bought one this early December but I'd love to keep this second copy as a remembrance:

The Christmas notes reads:

To Lizzy,

You can't love to write without loving to read...
This is something that reminds me of you.

Fr: Papa Bear

It pays to be a reader... You tend to write well...


Jena Isle said...

Wow, Liz, ang sexy mo naman pala..he he he... thanks for the linky love. Happy holidays. Cheers.

Liz said...

LOL. I really wish it's the sexy cover girl that reminds him of me. HAHAHA!

fedhz said...

haha. huwaw. galing ha. pahiram ako pag tapos mo. ^^

sis, di ko lam kung bakit ganun sa Smorty mo. kala ko nga din deads na ung account ko kase di na ko nagla-log in dun. hihi

na try mo na ba sila contact-in? naku pano nga ba.. wala naman silang contact page. hanapin ko muna. hihi

Liz said...

^Hihi. May e-book kaya to... LOL.

Sige sis, balitaan mo ako. Thanks!

Silvergirl said...

wow, ur lucky too :)
nice giveaway..

can I borrow too?
merry christmas

Seiko said...

Wow! that's nice...Lucky you!! hehe

Japaul said...


hi liz! yea, we are blessed! thanks for visiting my blog. :D

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