Saturday, December 12, 2009

I received mine yesterday! Take a look:

I learned about this promotion from Pinay Mommy Online's blog so I signed up last November 24, 2009. It took 2 weeks then for me to actually get it. Though I believe it should include 3 variants, I just received 24-Hour Lasting Moisture and Melt Away Stress lotions. It seems that Naturally White is already out of stock. No worries, I will still enjoy these freebies! Thanks to Johnson's.

So now, I am sharing the softness! Avail your own gift package here. Hurry, it's good while the supply lasts!

Get hold of these:

24-Hour Lasting Moisture
- unlocks the secret of softness through round-the-clock moisturization.

Melt Away Stress
- soothes the modern woman’s mind and body to naturally ease away the stress, for skin that’s beautifully soft and nurtured.

Naturally White
- provides daily care to reveal bright, glowing and naturally fair skin that’s soft and light.


Marice said...

cute no?

Liz said...

Yup! I even share it with my sisters then I told them to sign up on their own. Hehe.

Pinay Mommy Online said...

Thanks for the link love Liz! Great to know you got yours already. ^_^

bunchcup said...

How long does it take to receive the package? :P I just joined the promo yesterday. Quite excited haha.

PS. pls respond here na lang, instead to my website. :) thanks

My Memories and Crystals said...

I like to visit here Liz, youu've got a lot of giveaways and contests joined. Thanks for sharing.

Therre said...

got mine too..

Liz said...

@ Bunchcup... about 2 weeks.
I signed up last Nov 24 and got my package last Dec 10.

@ Princess Sarah
Thanks for the visit... see you around. I'm glad you're enjoying your stay! ^_^

onlinemommy said...

Pareho pala tayo, ke Pinay Mommy ONline ko rin nalaman :D

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