Saturday, August 29, 2009

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CreditBurner - Another Earning Site!

I came across this site through MyLot discussion board. Someone there actually gave me four sites as Adsense alternative. Note; I just need those who pay through Paypal. So let me name those four:
1)profitburner($2 payout)
2)creditburner($2.50 payout)

I checked each of them and it's Credit Burner that appeals to me most. I will check the remaining three next time. As for, the page can't be displayed when I checked it last time. I am not yet sure if it's my browser or their server having technical issues. The same thing with profitburner. Even the referral link from my friends are not working.

Money4banners offers fixed amount per month which is £10.00 provided that you display their 468 x 60 pixel banner. I think I am not yet ready for this because I am about to do a blog makeover and right now, their banner is not suited to the current layout. But hey, £10.00 is almost $15 so I wanna try this one, too!

Credit Burner pays every 15th and 30th of the month if you reach their minimum payout. There is actually a $0.35 signup bonus so you better join now.

Here are the revenue prices:

Banner ads up to $0.90 cpm
Banner ads plus up to $1.00 cpm
TinyAds up to $0.50 cpm

I am currently using Banner Ads Plus and I will just modify the code once I'm done with the blog makeover!


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