Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cliche: Age doesn't matter.
Agree or not? I agree, it is not the age that counts, it's the maturity or one's attitude. You can be 69 and still young - alive and kicking! Celebrating birthdays should not be associated with the notion of getting old. We're not dogs and the saying "You can not teach an old dog a new trick" is not applicable to us. We're human, we keep growing and learning. Just think it this way, birthdays are there to mark the date of new beginnings. Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is an option. Haha. Come on, grow a spine! Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with acceptance and all smiles. So I would like to greet Cathara Advance Happy Birthday. She will be turning 25 this October 13! Yay. Let's greet her in unison: ♪♪♪ Happy Birthday! ♪♪♪

How about you? What are your opinions?

And to encourage you more to share your opinion, she's giving any blogger that joins a chance to win $25 via paypal!:D

More details here!

I am 24 and will turn 25 on the 23rd of January 2010. How's that? Advance greetings will be appreciated. Cash advance are welcome, too! LOL.


cathara said...

this made me smile:D theres one thing you havent done, -leaving a comment on my latest post, itself:P lol. its ok, but just to follow the rules and to be fair with the others:D
and hey, it would be easier for me to check you entry again if you post a comment there than in my cbox lol.
and were both 24!:D ill give you cash if youll win this contest ehehe..
thanks for joining:) i cant see how i could subscribe back, but i added you in my who's hot list:)

good luck:)

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