Friday, August 07, 2009

If in case you would like to attend Pag-IBIG loan counseling, check the schedule below. You may also check Pag-IBIG Homepage.

I attended the Pag-IBIG Seminar for Retail Account last July 25, 2009.
It was just a quick overview of Pag-IBIG Loan. The seminar requirements are as follows:
1. Certificate of Employment with Monthly Compensation
2. ESAV (Employee Statement of Accumulated Value) from Pag-IBIG branch
3. Original Copy of the Latest 1-month Payslip
4. Photocopy of ID

My boyfriend accompanied me to the venue and he attended the seminar with me. I signed on the attendance sheet and filled up my MSVS (Membership Status Verification Slip) for loan verification.

The requirements for loan processing depends on the loan purpose. Since mine is Home Improvement, here are the requirements.

For Loan Application

A. Documentary Requirements
1. Housing Loan Application with recent ID photos
3. Proof of Income (any of the following):
a. Notarized COE and Compensation (Pag-IBIG format)
b. Notarized COE (Employer's format) and latest one month slip
c. ITR and latest 1 month sli[

B. Technical Requirements
1. Certified true copy of TCT by the Register of Deeds
2. Location Plan and Vicinity Map
3. Photocopy of Updated Tax Declaration and Real Estate Tax Receipt
4. Building Plans, Specifications and Bill of Materials duly signed by the License Civil Engineer or Architect

For Loan Release
A. Documentary Requirements
1. TCT in the name of borrower with proper mortgage annotation in facoer of Pag-IBIG Fund (owner's copy)
2. Certified true copy of TCT in the name of borrower with proper mortgage annotation in favoer of Pag-IBIG Fund (RD's copy)
3. Photocopy of New Tax Declaration in the name of borrower
4. Loan Mortgage Documents
5. Building Plans/Electrical/Sanitary Permits
6. Occupancy Permit
7. Collection Servicing Agreement with Authority to Deduct Loan Amortization or Post Dated Checks
8. Proof of Billing Address.


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