Saturday, October 31, 2009

1. Check your current balance and/or pending payment:

2. Select how would you like to withdraw funds. You can do so using ODESK card or through Paypal. Here are other mode of payments. I chose Paypal by the way.

3. After confirming the amount and mode of withdrawal, you will see the transaction status:

4. Check you email account to know if payment has been sent:

5. Log in to your Paypal account to check your new account balance:

Confirmed! That's really great. Time to send it to my EON account.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

- Those who graduated summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude, or an equivalent of any of these honors in their Bachelor's degree, regardless of the number of years of completion, from colleges and universities of good standing from school year 1972-73 and thereafter; and...

I was not able to grab the "Lovely Blog" award today because of so much frustration. I was pissed off!
Just hung up the phone after a useless conversion with a CSC Officer. It's all their faults, why do I have to suffer! That's BS!
As much as I wanted to stay calm and understanding, I can't help it but rant. Gosh, this is ridiculous! I still have my receipt with me dated June 4, 2007 yet I haven't received anything. No mails, no certificates, absolutely nothing.

My first follow up was 2008, then early 2009, then just a while ago. What's wrong with these government officials? Why would I want to be one of them if their system is to remain rotten?
Excuse me for the foul words, I am just so enraged especially that they have told me that I HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN!!!
(Much more, they kept handing me over as if I were a pingpong ball...)

What a shame! I've already done my part, how could they be that inconsiderate?! I have done numerous phone calls and personal follow up not to mention my sister's efforts in doing the same thing. I have completed the requirements, I worked hard for this achievement, and in the end lies frustration. How rewarding...

That's the Civil Service Commission... to whom shall I complain?

And will they listen?

Will they take further action?

What's in it for me this coming ELECTION?

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's about time to have fun! Haha. Since I am on a long weekend (away from work since Friday til Monday) I have the luxury of time to take exciting quizzes!

1. What kind of Dance are You?
Liz is...

Belly Dancing
You are sensual and naturally sexy. Never trashy, though.
You are comfortable in your own skin. You don't have hang ups about your body.

You are confident and playful. You love showing off.

You tend to be a little dominant and assertive... but only in a flirtatious way!

2. Are You a Daring Woman?
Liz is...

a Fierce Femme
You have a wild side, and you aren't afraid to bring it out when the time is right.
But you also know when to hang back and keep your "crazy chick" persona in check.
In fact, some of your friends may be surprised to find out how far you can take it...
You may look mild mannered, but it's all an act!

3. How Sarcastic Are You?

Have Sarcastic Moments
While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.

4. What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

Should Be Purple
You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.

5. What Kind of Pet Would You Be?

Would Be a Pet Bird
You're intelligent and witty, yet surprisingly low maintenance.
You charm people easily, and they usually love you a lot more than you love them.
You resent anyone who tries to own or control you. You refuse to be fenced in.

Why you would make a great pet: You're very smart and entertaining

Why you would make a bad pet: You're not interested in being anyone's pet!

What you would love about being a bird: Flying, obviously

What you would hate about being a bird: Being caged

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello everyone!

Excited for more contests? Here's another one brewing at Her and History Blog!


Lots of prizes to be given away including the 1 month AD space I'll be sponsoring plus the blog reviews.

Click here to know more about the details. Be sure to follow all the requirements to have valid entries!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am not a movie critic, just a fanatic!

Have you watched "The ECHO"? So...Do you hear it?

Coming from the executive producers of "The Ring" and "The Grudge", I have this impression that "The ECHO" will fair higher than the combined ratings of those two.
Guess what? Kinda disappointing. And I don't think our very own Iza Calzado was able to maximize her full best-acting prowess. Oooops.. I am supposed to be a fanatic. Haha.

In fairness, the movie is full of not only hair-raising atmostphere but a lot of shocking scenes! You'll definitely scream in horror. Extremes! I haven't watched "Sigaw" so there's no way for me to compare the two.

Just looking forward to premiere night of Patient X!

Friday, October 23, 2009

On my previous pink layout, I had a PTP code installed on it but after the major transformation into a cool green template, I intentionally left the code uninstalled since it won't blend well with my precious layout. My first and only "access" on my account is when I signed up with them.

I was about to put the codes back on the bottom of this page when I noticed an update on Cornyman's Blog:

Take care, will redirect your visitors from the UK, USA and Australia to other advertising pages within seconds after they arrive on your blog.

In this case they get pissed off, especially when they wanted to drop their card on you...

That means you loose readers and visitors, not worth if you loose more than 20 readers and would earn just 1 or 2 cents...

I deleted the code already on my Money-Blog after several complaints!

All through out, I thought it's coming from Credit Burner. I would like to ask from other readers/bloggers about those known sites that generate codes responsible for website redirection in the form of ADS. Anything else aside from

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you naughty or nice?
Join this contest and grab the cool prizes suited for your naughty or nice? personality!


- Naughty or Nice bow clip
- Pink bow from the Princess Bows series
- Swarovski crystals necklace (crystal colors are pink and purple, the color didn't show so well in the picture)
- Other surprises!

- Naughty or Nice bow clip
- Pink bow from the Princess Bows series
- Swarovski crystals necklace
- Other surprises!

How to join:
- Be a follower on both Pop Champagneand Glam, Sparkle and Pop

- Repost this giveaway on your blog with links back to both blogs above.

- Comment on Glam Sparkle and Pop's contest posting with "I Love Free Stuff" along with your blog post, and ONLY comment on the contest posting on Glam, Sparkle and Pop as that will be your entry to the draw!

- Let her know if you’re naughty or nice (hint, it might correlate to which prize you'll get).

This contest is until November 1, 2009 only!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I wonder if all of us are subscribed to Jobstreet Newsletters and alerts. Even if I am currently employed, I still opt to receive email notifications from them. I find it informative and beneficial. Just a while ago, I spent a few minute reading these tidbits:

Nervousness or being jittery are common feelings experienced by a candidate during interview. Avoid feeling inadequate for the position you are applying to. The fact that you were requested for an interview means that you were pre-qualified by the recruiter based on your resume alone. It also means you have bested some of the other candidates for the position.

Another way to gain confidence is to research information about the company before your interview. Gaining knowledge about the company would give you the confidence when you are asked what you know about the company.

Learning opportunity and Improvement
Treat every interview as a learning experience and a way to improve. If you have not been successful from your previous interviews, do not let it frustrate you. Try to remember what questions you had difficulty answering, and learn how to come up with a better answer. When similar questions are again asked, you will be prepared to come up with a better answer.

Interviews can also be a way an opportunity to learn something about the company, other people and even your self. If you are given the chance to ask, do not be afraid to ask about the company or the position you are applying for. This will give the interviewer the impression that you are interested to learn more about their company.

Showing up for a confirmed interview
Being late for an appointment or failure to show up for an interview on an agreed time will create a negative impression against you. As a candidate, it is your responsibility to show up to an agreed schedule. If for some unforeseen reason, you will not be able to attend the interview, you must inform your interviewer 24 hours before the appointment. But make sure that you have a valid reason in resetting the appointment.

Source: Jobstreet Newsletter

Monday, October 19, 2009

Got another job done! Five web hosting articles for $10. Soooo quick!
Plus, I've got a very positive feedback: 5.0! Perfect!

Quality and Fast work. I will hire again.

And here's my pending payment so far:

If you've noticed there's another $25 due on October 22. That's for 5 article rewrites in "spin" format. Such a great pay for an easy task. I am really enjoying here at ODESK, not to mention I am learning a lot of things based on client's specifications.

As of the moment, I am working on my $55 assignment. Yup, busy as a bee! Join me!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am not an economist, but I am aware of this common sense principle: the law of supply and demand.
It does not only define those two but emphasizes their relationship to "price" as well.

"As demand increases the price goes up which attracts new suppliers who increase the supply bringing the price back to normal."

Therefore achieving the state of Equilibrium.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

The price P of a product is determined by a balance between production at each price (supply S) and the desires of those with purchasing power at each price (demand D). 2, along with a consequent increase in price (P) and quantity sold (Q) of the product.

I just felt like reviewing these theories not for the sake of getting involved with the ongoing debate @ Neutral Grounds Forum but to have an stronger grasp on how it affects the movement of stocks in the volatile market.

The Law of Supply

- states that at higher prices, producers are willing to offer more products for sale than at lower prices

- states that the supply increases as prices increase and decreases as prices decrease

- states that those already in business will try to increase productions as a way of increasing profits


The Law of Demand

- states that people will buy more of a product at a lower price than at a higher price, if nothing changes

- states that at a lower price, more people can afford to buy more goods and more of an item more frequently, than they can at a higher price

- states that at lower prices, people tend to buy some goods as a substitute for others more expensive

Oh, economics!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been a while since I last posted a payment proof of my Review Stream earnings. Simply because I have been busy with a lot of things and more online stuff especially trying out several money-making sites. So for now, let's have a review about my first earning site:

Introducing Review Stream's Control Panel

Review Stream: Detailed Steps on How to Get Started

Dollarize your Hobby (Guaranteed Online Income)

Write Review and Get Paid!

If you are interested to earn $2 per review, it is A MUST that you read the above articles first....

For clarifications or further questions, just post it here. Right now, I have $36 with them so just 7 more reviews and I can request for payout. Enjoy earning!

Here's my payment proof just in case you missed that out on previous articles:

Friday, October 16, 2009

A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum:
Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy?
Got this one from Kira of Neutral Grounds Forum...

I'm going to be honest of what I'm going to say here. I'm 25 this year. I'm very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above.

You might say that I'm greedy,but an annual salary of $1M is considered only as middle class in New York. My requirement is not high.

Is there anyone in this forum who has an income of $500k annual salary?

Are you all married? I wanted to ask: what should I do to marry rich persons like you? Among those I've dated, the richest is $250k annual income, and it seems that this is my upper limit. If someone is going to move into high cost residential area on the west of New York City Garden (?), $250k annual income is not enough.

I'm here humbly to ask a few questions:

1) Where do most rich bachelors hang out? (Please list down the names and addresses of bars, restaurant, gym)
2) Which age group should I target?
3) Why most wives of the rich are only average-looking?
I've met a few girls who do not have looks and are not interesting, but they are able to marry rich guys
4) How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only be your girlfriend? (my target now is to get married)

Ms. Pretty

Here's a reply from a Wall Street financial guy:
Dear Ms. Pretty,

I have read your post with great interest. Guess there are lots of girls out there who have similar questions like yours. Please allow me to analyze your situation as a professional investor. My annual income is more than $500k, which meets your requirement, so I hope everyone believe that I'm not wasting time here.

From the standpoint of a business person, it is a bad decision to marry you. The answer is very simple, so let me explain. Put the details aside, what you're trying to do is an exchange of 'beauty' and 'money':

Person A provides beauty, and Person B pays for it, fair and square.

However, there's a deadly problem here, your beauty will fade, but my money will not be gone without any good reason. The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can't be prettier year after year.

Hence from the viewpoint of economics, I am an appreciation asset, and you are a depreciation asset. It's not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation. If that is your only asset, your value will be much worried 10 years later.

By the terms we use in Wall Street, every trading has a position, dating with you is also a 'trading position'. If the trade value dropped we will sell it and it is not a good idea to keep it for long term – same goes with the marriage that you wanted. It might be cruel to say this, but in order to make a wiser decision any asset with great depreciation value will be sold or 'leased'. Anyone with over $500k annual income is not a fool; we would only date you, but will not marry you.

I would advise that you forget looking for any clues to marry a rich guy. And by the way, you could make yourself to become a rich person with $500k annual income. This has a better chance than finding a rich fool.

Hope this reply helps. If you are interested in 'leasing'services, do contact me

J.P. Morgan

Hope you learned something from it...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am on my 2nd month of being an advertiser at Adgitize and I am actually earning more than what I have paid for the advertisement. My first month with them was spent as a publisher with a promising earning. I just decided to become a publisher because of the affordable 1-month fee: $14!

Now that they have decided to raise it to $24 per month, I am having second thoughts of renewing my ads this coming November. After reading the Adgitize updates, I was enlightened and excited as well for this great change in their system. With the price increase, there goes more earnings:
And here's more: Earnings from referrals are not yet included so you'll still get extra dollars.

I will keep advertising with them, it's a very good investment and the smartest decision!

Wanna share your thoughts here?

More power to Adgitize! Afterall, it's still our choice to stay as an advertiser (with all the benefits of publisher/affiliates/advertiser) or revert back to being a publisher...

Get gorgeous with these items. These can be yours for free:

- Everyday Minerals Mint Concealer
- Mac Eyeshadow pigment in vanilla (5 gram sample)
- Collection 2000 Loose Eyeshadow powder in brown
- NYX eyebrow set
- H & M Eyeshadow in glitter black
- No.7 Clear Nail Varnish/Top Coat
- Avon Nail Varnish in Classic Fit
- Mini Bourjois Volume Mascara
- Mini Bourjois Lipgloss
- 2 x 5ml Clarins Skincare product samples
- Rimmel Streetwear double ended eyeshadow pencil
- Miss Sporty liquid eyeliner in black
- 2 x Barry M eyeshadow pencils in blue and pink
- Coastal Scents crease brush
- Eyeko Mascara

There will be one Lucky Winner selected via on 20th October 2009!

How to JOIN:

1. You HAVE to be a follower of her blog to enter this Giveaway.

2. To enter, simply comment on her post saying 'Enter me' along with the name of the country you are from and your email address. This = 1 entry

3. Spread the message of this Giveaway on your Blog or through Twitter and include the link as you comment. This is optional = 2 more entries!!!

Goodluck to all of us!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whether you're a Publisher or an Advertiser, you can make the most out of Bidvertiser! The best thing is that they pay via PayPal with a minimum of only $10! It is the most convenient mode of payment for me compared to cheque or wire transfer.

Bidvertiser is a site-targeted market place wherein you have the control over the ADS that can be displayed.

For Publishers:
Sign up now and get paid for clicks!
To begin displaying BidVertiser ads on your site, simply follow these steps:
1. Choose your ad template by clicking "Choose Template".
2. Click "Get Ad Code" to get your ad HTML code.
3. Paste the HTML code into your website where you would like ads to be displayed.
4. If needed, click on "Templates Design" on the upper navigation bar to customize the colors and fonts of the chosen template.

As simple as that one.

For Advertisers:
1. Browse the categorized directory of websites
2. Select the appropriate ones for your business
3. Set your desired geographic targeting
4. Set your pay per click bids
5. Your ads are up and running!

Enjoy earning and promoting sites...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks to Bambie Princess for sharing this cool giveaway through her two blogs, courtesy of Aniiita S2.

~ Full size Juicy Couture Royal Body cream
~ 10 pair of dramatic Taiwanese lashes
~ Elizabeth Arden lipgloss (Cottoncandy)
~ Maybelline Sensational Lipstick (Born with it)
~ NYX lipgloss (Sorbet)
~ Red Earth Blush :)
~ 2 Catena 8 cups of water VC whitening and moisturizing face mask
~ Vernis pink french nailpolish & Vernis white french nailploish
~ Oil Control papers
~ Hanskin BBcream sample, Clarins sample, 5 perfume harajuku samples & skinfood samples
~ Black hairties & a pair of earrings
~ Above the knee japmag black and white socks (from HK)

~ YOUR CHOICE of a MAC eyeshadow
~ YOUR CHOICE of a MAC lipstick

1. Follow her blog: Aniiita S2
2. Leave a comment on that giveaway post.
3. Blog about this and leave a second comment including the post URL.

Giveaway will end on October 31, 2009.

Monday, October 12, 2009

As known to many, I have two blogs:

1. Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
Blog Category: Homebased-Jobs, SEO, Online Income
Description: Simple site with tips and tricks to maximizing online income. It has how-to articles for beginners. It also includes random stuff and interesting quizzes. Payment proofs, promos and online contests are also posted.

Blog Category: Personals (Rants and Raves), Opinions (A woman's point of view), Hobbies
Description: Welcome to Pinkville and get randomized! It is all about my fearless rants, beauty tips, cute collections and the like.
Note: Works better with IE than Firefox. :P

To check the comparison of these two and more details about my blog traffic, click here...

I have checked my Alexa rating 3 times already and here's my RANKING PROGRESS!

1. Friday, July 24, 2009
Traffic Rank: 1 670 409
Sites Linking In: 430 891

2. Thursday, August 20, 2009
Traffic Rank: 312 525
Sites Linking In: 430 891

3. Today
Traffic Rank: 134 118
Sites Linking In: 430 891

Cool! Going up 50% higher each time.

What's my secret? Nothing new. I keep blog hopping when I have the time. I'm just using Entrecard and Adgitize Network for advertisements to get more traffic. Plus, I have established a good "earning" reputation already so I am relying to other bloggers' word-of-mouth. Share the words and let them know the good news: Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed is earning more each day.

Let us earn and learn together!

"Mommy, I can't sleep!"... Of course babies can't say it yet... and your task is to follow your woman instinct: help them sleep.
If your lullabies can't do the trick, try some baby iphone application to setup a conducive place and calming mood for your baby.
The music and relaxing rhythm can soothes baby's sensitive senses sending them to a very sound sleep. Have your heart at ease while watching your baby sleeps!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I started investing in the stock market two months ago and here's my "gain" so far:

I do believe that it is really a long-term investment and is a gradual process to earn profit. Buying and selling of stocks need careful analysis and one should consider calculated risks. Everything is new to me so I am still studying the trends and trying to absorb all of the tips and tricks.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here's the easiest and most practical way of withdrawing money from your Paypal account:

1. Login to your account and click on WITHDRAW tab.
That's just it, but wait!
PayPal offers the following options for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account:

See that amount encircled in pink? Yeah, for you to withdraw funds to your card it will cost you $5. Too much?
Well, here's the tip: Add EON as a Bank and not as a card.

2. Click on PROFILE tab. Click Add/Edit Bank Account. Add your bank there by completing the needed information.
If you are using EON card, then refer to this one: Union Bank of the Philippines (Unionbank) 010419995
Click Continue until you have completed this process.
Note: If you are using other banks, refer to this PayPal Corresponding Bank Code in the Philippines

3. Click on "Withdraw funds to your bank account" and you may enter the amount you would like to withdraw.
This withdrawal will take 2-4 business days, depending on your bank's policies and holiday schedule. Take note that there's a minimum withdrawal amount of $10 US.

All set! If you haven't linked your EON and Paypal account yet, check this post to know how...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Guys, please bear with me for the meantime. To all those who exchanged links with me, I'll update my blogroll later. As for the contests I have joined, I will also place the contest banner back on the side bar. Major revamp... hoping for your understanding....

Disclaimer: Guys, please bear with me for the meantime. To all those who exchanged links with me, I'll update my blogroll later. As for the contests I have joined, I will also place the contest banner back on the side bar. Major revamp... hoping for your understanding....

At long last, I was able to figure out why I was not able to upload any new template. I was still using the classic template giving me no "BROWSE/UPLOAD" options. After upgrading to a new template, XML is now supported! Yay. Brand new controls on my dashboard came out and I was able to navigate through it. After creating a backup for my old HTML codes, I then uploaded the new one.

The Result?



- brand new layout, cool and sassy
- 3 columns!
- i love it, hope you feel the same

- required much editing, as in big time
- oh oh, the links, banners, etc... sorry guys, don't worry I will edit this template asap.

(I've got backup, no worries! ^_^)

Credit goes to: A Girl Blogger
Thanks Ritz!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Oh, really?! I was so surprised to see this Paypal notification on my inbox so I hurriedly check my Paypal and Adgitize account! And here's what I've found:

And the details from Paypal:

Yes, another payment proof! It is really worth it advertising with them. I get traffic and cash at the same time. If you're not yet a member of Adgitize Network, then it's about time. Don't be left behind. I am also happy to see that the advertisers are growing in numbers: we're almost 200! And thank you to all the publishers who supports the network and continuously drive traffic to advertiser's websites.

Check out my previous post: Getting Started with Adgitize

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

The blog title said it all! Need a proof? Here we go:

I will be posting another entry on how to withdraw ODESK earnings. For now, sign up and start a freelance job! You can earn unlimited dollars and choose between a fixed-price or hourly rate!

ODESK caters to the needs of buyers and providers!

Check my fist post about ODESK here!

If you really want to get started right now, just follow these simple steps:
1. Sign Up
2. Take the ODESK Readiness Test.
3. Setup your profile.
4. Take other ODESK Test to complete profile.
5. Start the job hunt!

It's not too late to care! So here I am, sharing my ideas about "caring for my friends, family and others".

Caring for someone you really love is easy to do because you are meant to do so. It is what the wordly virtues dictate you. In the eyes of men, caring for your family and friends is a given task since birth, natural and effortless. However, you should take time and put some "extra" with the things that you do. I am proud to say that I don't just care for them, I give them extra care in every sense of the word.
Let me start with the things that I do, and more things that I can do.

For My Family:

Yes, I DO CARE for them more than anyone could imagine. As the eldest daughter I show my undying love for my parents and siblings by working hard from them. They did not ask for it but it's my choice to continue helping them. I am the one supporting my sibling in her studies and I see to it that they will not run out of cash. Money helps but it's not everything. Since I am away from them, a text and call a day let them know that I care for them. My voice would obviously imply that I wish to be with them as I secretly utter a prayer of safety for each of them. I also use clear and deep words of affection when communicating with them. I am sweet and thoughtful and every time I am with them, I shower them with hugs and kisses. As for my dad, well I just nod at him and that's it. Greetings and stuff are different between girls and guys.

During special occasion, I make sure to give them presents. My gift need not be great or luxurious. It's really true that thought counts. I can still remember when I kissed my sister in the early morning of her birthday (October 8, 2007) without giving her anything yet and she suddenly burst into tears as she hugged me tight. Of course I was moved with the gesture so I embraced her tighter and we were both in tears.

I view life in a deeper perspective. Every touch, smile and whisper matters. I am attached to my family not through material things and I show my love and care for them through extreme feelings - a sense of generosity, my promises with conviction.

When I nag about a messy room, unfinished homework, noisy background and the like I still care for them. When I say "no" to their wishes, I still care for them. When I criticize their work and comment on how they speak, I still care. Every time I notice them and do something about it, regardless if it's negative or positive; I still care. Caring does not necessarily means doing all the positive things. It is also correcting them and helping them to improve. Now, being apathetic is not caring at all.

I don't just sympathize, I DO EMPATHIZE. I do care for each of my family member by taking time to have a short talk and engaging in funny conversation. We discuss our plans, we look back at our past and then we focus on our present. I instill cooperation and understanding on each them so that they will realize that its not just a simple conversation at all, it is a heart-to-heart talk filled with moments that can be cherished forever.

Remember when I said "extra" earlier? It can be shown even in simple things. Instead of letting my youngest sister do the dishes alone, I help her clean the table after meal. Instead of letting my mom do all of the laundry, I volunteer to wash my own clothes. Instead of giving my siblings their daily allowance, I give them extra amount. Also, when they do well in school, I reward them with a weekend treat at Jollibee or McDo. Yes, we are not living with riches. But love and care are in great abundance.

I care for them by giving them a piece of advice. My opinion matters so I see to it that I always give them the best options. I am their coach. Even my parents sometimes rely on my decisions, they trust me that much.

Most of all, I care for them by praying for their safety and more blessings. I thank God for giving me such wonderful family and I will be forever thankful about it. I will not stop showing my love and care for them through words and actions.

For Friends:

I am a good listener and adviser so I can easily show my care to all my friends. Whether they are in need or not, I carefully listen and pay attention to what they are saying. I am good with hints and for some reason; my woman instinct never failed me. I am emotionally mature and I can understand where they are coming from that’s why it is easy for me to share my opinions and give my advice.

I hang out with my friends once in a while, we call it bonding and we had a great time talking about anything under the sun. I care by throwing up funny remarks and sharing my own piece of story. I care by laughing out loud with them raising my wine glass for a toss. I care through group hugs and holding hands. We celebrate not just during special occasions but also when something calls for a celebration. I always keep in touch through emails and mobile phone. I even extend my regards through common friends.

Even in silence, I care for them. I know when is the right time to approach them, I know when to but in, when to say no, when to push them harder, and when to pull them back. And with this knowledge, I can easily carry on the steps to stronger friendship.

For Strangers:

Maybe it’s just right for me to learn about this contest today. It’s so timely to share how much I care about the Ondoy casualties. I care to those homeless individuals by uttering a simple prayer and extending help through cash donations and in kinds. As part of my team, we even postponed our team building and resort to tree planting in the coming weeks. With favorable whether, we will start saving Mother Earth. It’s never too late to care.

Everyday is a chance to show other people how much I care. I care to the taxi/jeepney driver, the janitors, traffic enforcer and street vendors. I pay exact fare, much more with an extra tip. I return their morning smiles and friendly nods. I pay respect to them and ask questions politely. I care by not stepping on other people. I care by living harmoniously between them. I even exchange hi and hello’s with familiar strangers. And lately, I have been sharing my umbrella to a lot of people as I make my way to and from the office. Just one at a time. And I even care to those stray kittens by leading them to shades for my landlady won’t approve any pet.

Now, is there something more I can do? Yes, by encouraging every reader to create their own post about showing care to other people.

I care, do you?
I want to let the world know that I am keeping everyone in my prayers. Take care coz I care!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Yahoo! Ritz of "A Girl Blogger" just made my day! I won a brand new layout and this is it! The overdue blog makeover I'm dreaming of! Haha. I'm so excited. From PINK to GREEN... oh, I can hardly imagine the super cool transition!

Hey Ritz, thank you in advance!


Guys, if you want templates for free visit her site! Join her contests and you might win cool prizes. :)

Here's what I've got:

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Monday, October 05, 2009

If you've noticed, I have already removed the 120 x 600 skyscraper CB ads on the bottom of my sidebar and suddenly all of the pop ups are gone. Yes, I know that pop up advertisements are annoying and one of my friends even bugged me about it. Haha. I was actually trying to understand how CreditBurner Network works during those times. It was a "trial-period" after my signup. And now, everything must come to an END.

Unfornately/fortunately, CB is now closed and fused with TACO DEX and here are the next steps that CB members should follow:

1. Register new accounts under new network: TACO Interactive DEX Platform
Note: I intend not to include their URL. LOL. I am not promoting it. ^_^

2. Replace old ad codes with new.

3. Note that all payments from old system go out normally at NET15 terms ,
and balances has been transformed to new system (balances for publishers
who not have earned enought money for process payments )

I did not bother doing all these three after reviewing some of their FAQ. So you may ask, what are the things that are not favorable to me? Rather, their terms that don't appeal to me:

1. Not all impressions are accepted:
We count all international countries impressions except China , Taiwan , Thailand and some African countries and Asian/Arabic countries.

2. A MUST: Ad tags (ads) must be placed on the first half of your page (website) . Placing ads on second half of page or on bottom of page is not accepted.

The good side though is that there is no mimimum amount for a Net15 payout through Paypal. Try it at your own risk. :)

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thank you Pumpkienpie for this Strengthen Friendship and Beautiful Blogger Awards, my second set of awards.

The trophy colors signify:
• Green: symbolizes the new buddies
• Yellow: represents the guys who are always active
• Blue: symbolizes the bloggers with PR
• Platform Red: symbolizes that we are all equal and that we are brothers and sisters

Now for the rules of accepting this award:
1. Create a post as above.
2. Include the link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above.

I am really thankful to everyone who appreciated my blog posts, followed my blog and exchange links with me. I appreciate all of your comments and shoutmix messages. Now, I'd like to share this award and the Beautiful Blogger award to the following people:

BNI Jewelry

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Click on the image for a larger view:

Yeah right, a fake account verification from Yahoo! Notice that the email address is and the "TO" field is empty - obviously for the purpose of email blast... BCC, fine! What a scam! Be wary! Don't fall for this sooo old form of getting your personal details. The email even claims that account owners who'll refuse to update their account before two weeks will have their account terminated. Tsk. Some WARNINGs are really worth ignoring. LOL.

Spam mails deserve to be deleted. Bye bye Yahoo Account Verification!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Hey guys, remember the contest I have blogged about wherein I'll be sponsoring 1-month ad space? It's now UP! And I am joining and spreading the word as well.


Contest will run from October 1 – November 15 and on November 18, her birthday, winners will be announced!!!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Get to know what's hot this season by visiting Shutterfly and joining Azumi's First GiveAway Contest!
She is giving away $50 worth of Shutterfly Gift Certificate for her precious readers as a way of extending her appreciation for their warm messages and visits.

Could you be one of those lucky dollies?

Check this out:


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Participants will be raffled via Random on October 29, 2009. Thank you to all her sponsors!

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