Wednesday, October 07, 2009

"I Care" Blog Contest

It's not too late to care! So here I am, sharing my ideas about "caring for my friends, family and others".

Caring for someone you really love is easy to do because you are meant to do so. It is what the wordly virtues dictate you. In the eyes of men, caring for your family and friends is a given task since birth, natural and effortless. However, you should take time and put some "extra" with the things that you do. I am proud to say that I don't just care for them, I give them extra care in every sense of the word.
Let me start with the things that I do, and more things that I can do.

For My Family:

Yes, I DO CARE for them more than anyone could imagine. As the eldest daughter I show my undying love for my parents and siblings by working hard from them. They did not ask for it but it's my choice to continue helping them. I am the one supporting my sibling in her studies and I see to it that they will not run out of cash. Money helps but it's not everything. Since I am away from them, a text and call a day let them know that I care for them. My voice would obviously imply that I wish to be with them as I secretly utter a prayer of safety for each of them. I also use clear and deep words of affection when communicating with them. I am sweet and thoughtful and every time I am with them, I shower them with hugs and kisses. As for my dad, well I just nod at him and that's it. Greetings and stuff are different between girls and guys.

During special occasion, I make sure to give them presents. My gift need not be great or luxurious. It's really true that thought counts. I can still remember when I kissed my sister in the early morning of her birthday (October 8, 2007) without giving her anything yet and she suddenly burst into tears as she hugged me tight. Of course I was moved with the gesture so I embraced her tighter and we were both in tears.

I view life in a deeper perspective. Every touch, smile and whisper matters. I am attached to my family not through material things and I show my love and care for them through extreme feelings - a sense of generosity, my promises with conviction.

When I nag about a messy room, unfinished homework, noisy background and the like I still care for them. When I say "no" to their wishes, I still care for them. When I criticize their work and comment on how they speak, I still care. Every time I notice them and do something about it, regardless if it's negative or positive; I still care. Caring does not necessarily means doing all the positive things. It is also correcting them and helping them to improve. Now, being apathetic is not caring at all.

I don't just sympathize, I DO EMPATHIZE. I do care for each of my family member by taking time to have a short talk and engaging in funny conversation. We discuss our plans, we look back at our past and then we focus on our present. I instill cooperation and understanding on each them so that they will realize that its not just a simple conversation at all, it is a heart-to-heart talk filled with moments that can be cherished forever.

Remember when I said "extra" earlier? It can be shown even in simple things. Instead of letting my youngest sister do the dishes alone, I help her clean the table after meal. Instead of letting my mom do all of the laundry, I volunteer to wash my own clothes. Instead of giving my siblings their daily allowance, I give them extra amount. Also, when they do well in school, I reward them with a weekend treat at Jollibee or McDo. Yes, we are not living with riches. But love and care are in great abundance.

I care for them by giving them a piece of advice. My opinion matters so I see to it that I always give them the best options. I am their coach. Even my parents sometimes rely on my decisions, they trust me that much.

Most of all, I care for them by praying for their safety and more blessings. I thank God for giving me such wonderful family and I will be forever thankful about it. I will not stop showing my love and care for them through words and actions.

For Friends:

I am a good listener and adviser so I can easily show my care to all my friends. Whether they are in need or not, I carefully listen and pay attention to what they are saying. I am good with hints and for some reason; my woman instinct never failed me. I am emotionally mature and I can understand where they are coming from that’s why it is easy for me to share my opinions and give my advice.

I hang out with my friends once in a while, we call it bonding and we had a great time talking about anything under the sun. I care by throwing up funny remarks and sharing my own piece of story. I care by laughing out loud with them raising my wine glass for a toss. I care through group hugs and holding hands. We celebrate not just during special occasions but also when something calls for a celebration. I always keep in touch through emails and mobile phone. I even extend my regards through common friends.

Even in silence, I care for them. I know when is the right time to approach them, I know when to but in, when to say no, when to push them harder, and when to pull them back. And with this knowledge, I can easily carry on the steps to stronger friendship.

For Strangers:

Maybe it’s just right for me to learn about this contest today. It’s so timely to share how much I care about the Ondoy casualties. I care to those homeless individuals by uttering a simple prayer and extending help through cash donations and in kinds. As part of my team, we even postponed our team building and resort to tree planting in the coming weeks. With favorable whether, we will start saving Mother Earth. It’s never too late to care.

Everyday is a chance to show other people how much I care. I care to the taxi/jeepney driver, the janitors, traffic enforcer and street vendors. I pay exact fare, much more with an extra tip. I return their morning smiles and friendly nods. I pay respect to them and ask questions politely. I care by not stepping on other people. I care by living harmoniously between them. I even exchange hi and hello’s with familiar strangers. And lately, I have been sharing my umbrella to a lot of people as I make my way to and from the office. Just one at a time. And I even care to those stray kittens by leading them to shades for my landlady won’t approve any pet.

Now, is there something more I can do? Yes, by encouraging every reader to create their own post about showing care to other people.

I care, do you?
I want to let the world know that I am keeping everyone in my prayers. Take care coz I care!


janet said...

congratulations for winning 3rd in my I-CARE Blog Contest. I have sent you 5$ in your paypal account and 5000 ec points. please let me know once you got them. thanks!


Liezl said...

Hi Janet!

Got them all. Thanks so much. I will be keeping your links here... :P

More power!

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