Monday, October 05, 2009

If you've noticed, I have already removed the 120 x 600 skyscraper CB ads on the bottom of my sidebar and suddenly all of the pop ups are gone. Yes, I know that pop up advertisements are annoying and one of my friends even bugged me about it. Haha. I was actually trying to understand how CreditBurner Network works during those times. It was a "trial-period" after my signup. And now, everything must come to an END.

Unfornately/fortunately, CB is now closed and fused with TACO DEX and here are the next steps that CB members should follow:

1. Register new accounts under new network: TACO Interactive DEX Platform
Note: I intend not to include their URL. LOL. I am not promoting it. ^_^

2. Replace old ad codes with new.

3. Note that all payments from old system go out normally at NET15 terms ,
and balances has been transformed to new system (balances for publishers
who not have earned enought money for process payments )

I did not bother doing all these three after reviewing some of their FAQ. So you may ask, what are the things that are not favorable to me? Rather, their terms that don't appeal to me:

1. Not all impressions are accepted:
We count all international countries impressions except China , Taiwan , Thailand and some African countries and Asian/Arabic countries.

2. A MUST: Ad tags (ads) must be placed on the first half of your page (website) . Placing ads on second half of page or on bottom of page is not accepted.

The good side though is that there is no mimimum amount for a Net15 payout through Paypal. Try it at your own risk. :)


girl said...

hi you won my blogger layout contest.. just visit my site for more info^^

lizzy said...

Wow...I've been waiting for this grand blog make over! Yahoo. Loving green even more. Thanks!

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