Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's with "The Echo"?

I am not a movie critic, just a fanatic!

Have you watched "The ECHO"? So...Do you hear it?

Coming from the executive producers of "The Ring" and "The Grudge", I have this impression that "The ECHO" will fair higher than the combined ratings of those two.
Guess what? Kinda disappointing. And I don't think our very own Iza Calzado was able to maximize her full best-acting prowess. Oooops.. I am supposed to be a fanatic. Haha.

In fairness, the movie is full of not only hair-raising atmostphere but a lot of shocking scenes! You'll definitely scream in horror. Extremes! I haven't watched "Sigaw" so there's no way for me to compare the two.

Just looking forward to premiere night of Patient X!


bambie said...

hi lizzy! i watched the local [original] version of ECHO and it was great, scary. i have yet to see the US version. i was wanting to watch it sa moviehouse but...should i still watch it? LOL!

anyway, thanks for accepting the award.☺

have a great weekend!☺

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