Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's get it straight to the point. Though SEA-MARJ may not be bogus in posting their jobs on JobStreet, this company seems to have hidden agendas that you may only discover during the interview.


It's not free. Mind you. You have to pay Php 3800.00 for a 5-day training and what not. More details are discussed during the interview and summarized on their flyers but they will take back the flyers from you. So there's no way for you to think about it outside and it is really hard to decline their offer if you are alone. I pity those fresh graduates who paid the initial fee.

And whoever that acting VP is, I don't think she deserves the position. What about an English Training and Customer-Relation Awareness Module ma'am? I think you have to read your own training menual errr manual.

Why do you have to get pissed off if someone doesn't like to pay anything? P100, P300 or P500? Any amount will do for reservation. And you'll give a P300 discount for those who will pay in full? Clever.

No matter how much you claim that your interest in helping other people to find suitable jobs in the field of HRM or related courses is "genuine", we're sorry but you LACK convincing powers. What more when it comes to credibility.

I understand that it is a training center and nothing in this world is free, but hey, use the right approach at the least.

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Update as of 11:45PM, 19th of July 2010:
Seems that they have updated their company profile. The portion that I have quoted is no longer there. About time to play safe? Good. But since they have revised it already, why can't they correct those misspelled words and grammatical errors? Interesting company. Check it out!

Update as of 09:45AM, 30th of July 2010:
Since someone posted here that this has been reported to Jobstreet already, I made a followup through email and I was happy to know that there's progress about this case. SEA-MARJ has updated their job posting so as not to mislead the applicants. Here's the response I have received:
Dear Liz,

Thank you for bringing this matter to us.

As per checking, some of the postings of the said company have indicated that there will be a training fee and this is only for those who are willing to apply. We have also discussed this with the company since last week, so that the jobseekers will not be mislead or misinformed.

Should you wish to not pursue your applications with them, you may apply to other advertisements in our website.


Take note, SOME. I'm hoping that ALL of their job postings will be updated accordingly.

More updates can be found HERE. Let me quote the last few lines:
Finally, EVERYTHING's in the right place. All ACTIVE JOB POSTINGS OF SEA-MARJ HAVE BEEN UPDATED. So guys, please be guided accordingly.

PS. As per checking today (November 22, 2010) their company profile has been updated too. Good to see lots of improvement.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I was busy doing my hourly task today when this captcha phrase made me smile. Nice. This makes my blog commenting experience really worthwhile. The world wide web is still recognizing me.


Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm still in a lethargic mode after days of being bed-ridden and I wish I have more time to make up will all the things I've missed. Unfortunately, I only have 24 hours a day just like you and I have to spend it wisely so as not to compromise my offline and online works.

Hmmm. I am really thinking of plotting my schedule and updating my notes. Wah!

Thanks to everyone who visited BHO even if I am not around. Thanks to those who wished me well and those who dropped by on my other blogs. I really appreciated your online presence and your sweet comments.

Since I am just updating my blogs to let the world know that I am back - alive and kicking, allow me to post a simple "thank you note" instead of the usual money-making tips. So there! That would be all for today.

Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed is still PR4 even after being disabled and can't be found (labeled as a SPAM blog even though it is not). Shoot! I haven't posted the whole story yet. Thing is, I am still happy that BHO is back!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As much as I wanted to keep everything lively, all of my lovely blogs are in a lonely mode because I'm sick. I've got no time to post new entries except for the scheduled posts on Pinkville, they are just photos anyway.

Wish me to get well soon. I have so many pending tasks, offline and online. Gosh, such a stressful week. :(

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thanks to everyone who supported Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed during bad times and good times. I really appreciate it and it boosts my blogging confidence aside from the consistent inspiration. Now that BHO is back and its welcome party finally came into conclusion, let me announce the lucky winners!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

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