Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I’d really love to take up Chemical Engineering. But due to financial crisis, I was forced to apply for scholarships and take up the course they are offering. Since I am good with almost everything, I was able to pass all the examinations and availed Meralco Foundation Scholarship. I have been granted with full year scholarship plus allowance so they enrolled me at Batangas State University with the course Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major in Computer Engineering Technology. Kinda long stuff, isn’t it?
[Important Note: I passed DOST Scholarship as well and that would be good for 5 years. I was supposed to study at UP. Oh boy, how I love to take Chem Eng. LOL, you guess it right, this is one my greatest frustration in life. Probably the one and only… If only I can turn back time. If only I did not listen to my Mom… Before I get out of lane, kindly proceed to the next paragraph…]

During that time, I was not fond of computers yet so I was sometimes not interested with the subjects. As time goes by, and since I didn’t have any other choice I started to love my course especially when we are performing laboratory activities. I started to like all of my professor teachings. Because of this, I excel on all my subjects and get good grades throughout the year. What surprise me about this course is that it lets you graduate every year and you have to attend all commencement exercises.

Bachelor of Industrial Technology is really a four-year course but it is a ladderized program. It means that for every year you can get your diploma with different degrees: vocational, technical, technological and bachelor’s degree from first to fourth year respectively. Another good thing about this course is the fact that it is somewhat similar to Engineering Courses. The major courses also includes: Electronics Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Instrumentation Engineering Technology, and the like.

After my first year of graduation, I felt privileged and happy to be in the top graduates. Since I still want to pursue my studies, I applied for another scholarship to support me in my second year. I qualified for Batangas Province Scholarship. My second year with this course seems to be more challenging. Why? Because I am studying at the school for 3 days and having my training outside for another 3 days. Not only that, during Sundays I have my National Service Training Program in replacement to ROTC. Overall, I am studying seven days a week. It is pretty hard because I can not relax anymore. I felt I don’t have enough time for other things. I even felt that I don’t have enough time to study everything especially during exam weeks. The good thing here is that my trainers are good to me so I am enjoying my outside training or what we called on-the-job training. Despite this unhealthy schedule, I survived.

My third year seems to be easier because I have already adjusted but it was of the same setup as before. Come fourth year, I was back to 5 days of classes. What a relief! The only thing that pressured me is my thesis or case study. With the help of my groupmates, we were able to defend our project and thereby ready to march on our last graduation for Bachelor’s degree.

After four years of striving, my efforts have been rewarded. I graduated with flying colors and I know I deserved it. Wow, it feels good to be a Cum Laude! I have learned a lot from my field of study. I am getting good with computers and being more interested on it. To quote my organization’s saying: I do not fear computers; I fear the lack of them.

I am proud to say that I am a graduate of this University and I felt deeply honored for being a part of it. Our university is well known not only in the province, in Region 4 but through out the country. It is a home of topnotchers and I myself am a cum laude.

Batangas State University offers the most reasonable tuition fees among other colleges. Not only that, there are lots of scholarships available for everyone. And it is not focusing on academic talents alone but even on your other God-given skills. This University has different campuses and I used to go to the Main Campus and Alangilan Campus. Alangilan Campus is much stricter with every rules compared to Main Campus. Here, Monday Flag Ceremony is always observed. Even the school uniforms are being checked before entering the school premises. This is the second main campus and most students here are taking up Engineering, the course where we are good at and where we also top during Board Examination.

During my college life, the buildings here are already air-conditioned which make it a very conducive place to study. I like the library here compared to the one at the main campus. The librarian here allows you to get and return books on your own. It is a totally self-service environment. Inside the library is the internet cafĂ© where you can access the internet for free within an hour everyday. This is useful to me since I don’t have a PC of my own yet during those times.

Now that I am already working, I am please to know that my sister who is now studying there is also enjoying her stay. She even told me that she had met most of my professors. Speaking of professors, all of my college teachers are very dear to me. They don’t give grades just for the heck. Instead, you really have to work for it. It is with my great pride that I am telling you, in Batangas State University, you will get more than what you paid for. It is not just the diploma, the fame or knowledge but the spirit instilled on you as a Borbonian. (Note: Batangas State University is previously known as Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology or PBMIT). I am not afraid to tell the other schools out there that the students here are far more disciplined. I am a proactive member of school council that is why I know most of the things happening here. And I also know the existing issues on other schools.

Monday, June 29, 2009

After my first payment from RS I wasn't able to write new reviews since I've been busy with my other online addiction - TalkPH.net and blogging.

This time, I'll be back to writing reviews again but it does not mean that I'll be inactive on the forums.

Here are the detailed steps (Let's write reviews together!)... as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Go to http://www.reviewstream.com/ and click on Write Review link to get started. You may also use this direct link: http://dailydoc.com/writereviews.php

If you are kind enough and want to help me earn more you may use my referral link instead: RS Referral Link

Thank you. :P

2. Fill up the required fields. Here in Review Stream, you don't have to create an account or sign up for them. They track reviews through email address in their control panel.
(RS NOTE: You can use either your real name or penname.
If you're writing the review the first time, please check if your desired penname is available.)

Desired Penname: Your Choice
Penname: Same as above
Your Email: Email Registered for Paypal
Review Title: Title of Your Review - this should be the specific name of the product or service
Category: Select the category from the Drop Down List. Review Stream has high approval rates for Cosmetics, Electronics, Medicine and Travel Reviews. But then again, you can review everything here!
Location: This is required for reviews about restaurant and shopping.

Your Review: Make sure that your review is composed of 250 words or more. Reviews that are too short are automatically rejected.
Your Rating: Rate your review from 1 - 10. 1 = Worse, 10 = Excellent.
Contact Details: This is optional.
a. It is a must to agree with Terms and Conditions.
b. Certify that it is an original review. Plagiarism is a CRIME, self-plagiarizing is not an exemption. RS will terminate your account if you violate this very important rule.
c. You may opt for bulk rate if you feel that the review is not well-written. But I suggest to leave it unchecked since you can resubmit rejected reviews if you are ready to get paid in bulk.
Bulk rate is equal to $0.40 per review.

3. Click "Submit" after proof-reading your review.
It usually takes 72 hours to receive feedback from Review Stream. They have a new system now. Unlike before that they send email notifications, they will just update you through their control panel. It looks like this:

To access the control panel, click here..

Just enter your email address and you can see your review status. If you don't have any approved review yet, you will get this message:

We have no such account name in our system yet.
It will be created for you on the first review selling/buying.

It is very easy to reach the minimum payout of $50! Review Stream sends their payment through paypal and they do it really QUICK.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My first blog awards are as follows:

Thank you to Realm of A Dreamer for sharing these awards. And I’m giving these to 15 fellow bloggers who also deserve such wonderful awards:

01. Vampy Zai
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10. Dark Vision
11. Queendom
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15. Pinkville: Simple from Head to Toe

The rules for these awards are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Have fun!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Gear up with your creative juices now! If you're not a part of this Ad Revenue Sharing Forum yet, then it's about time. Sign Up Here...

Why join TalkPH.Net?
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This Banner Making Contest gives you a chance to win TalkPH Currencies.

1. Open to all talkers/talkphers gifted with artistic talents regarding image-editing, photoshop, etc capabilities.
2. The Banner must have the word 'TalkPh' or 'TalkPh.net'.
3. Maximum Size allowed: 750 x 120
4. Theme: Promoting the TalkPh community where camaraderie, unity and brotherhood lingers. 5. Winners will be chosen according to votes by members and staffs.
6. Entries should have a Philippine flag or some Philippine touch to it

First Prize: 10,000 TC
Second Prize: 8,000 TC
Third Prize: 6,000 TC
Runner Ups: 3,000 TC each (4 winners)
Consolation Prizes: 500 TC

There are lots of rewards/perks for members right now and more to come this Christmas Season.

For more information about TalkPH.Net and Ad Revenue Sharing, see my related post here...

And here's my banner entry:

Not so impressive, but hey, I'm the first one to submit (as far as I know). So?

I just made it from a scratch:

Which resulted to another scratch, don't you think? Nah, I love my work, so I'll vote for it. :P

I received this quiz from an officemate last February 20, 2009 and completed it on the same date. Well, there are two items that took me long namely Items 5 and 17.

After thorough research and in-depth thinking, I was able to get a perfect score. Since I am really enjoying my stay at TalkPH.Net Ad Revenue Sharing Forum especially at the Humor and Fun Board, I decided to post this Ultimate Movie Quiz there.

I challenged my TP friends to complete the quiz and to answer each question correctly. Seems that they are having a hard time, eh? Okay, so here's the answer for that 24-item quiz.

01. King Kong
02. Harry Potter
03. Matrix
04. The Ring
05. Moulin Rouge
06. Transformers
07. Robocop
08. Lord of The Rings
09. Kung Fu Panda
10. Batman
11. Back to the Future
12. E.T.
13. Titanic
14. Ratatouille
15. Pinocchio
16. Planet of the Apes
17. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
18. Godzilla
19. School of Rock
20. Spiderman
21. Captain Barbell
22. Nutty Professor
23. Superman
24. Kill Bill

Thursday, June 25, 2009

*pissed off*

I just signed up at this site because I found the link in one of the forums I usually visit. There are even testimonials there and it seems convincing. I know that I can do this online job because it is as simple as copy and pasting the advertisement. I am good with shortcuts so I am very confident that I can earn a lot with something I am really good at. I carefully read all the rules and instructions and click the link for "Post Ads, Get Paid". It brought me to a new page with the advertisement I am to copy. Again, there are several steps to take note. I review each of them since I will be doing this for the first time. Once done, I click the craiglist link and a new window opened. I move quickly and start copying and pasting. Well, it is not that easy at all because there are different textbox or area where you have to paste the things you have copied. It is fine though because I am exerting a little effort. I thought it ends there but you still have to enter a validation code or words. Then you have to log in back to your email to check the confirmation email and publish it from there. That would be the only time that you can see the web address of your advertisement. I was happy and excited to go back to the main window to paste that generated link. I have done it for five times today for different advertisement. It is sad to know that I have a post limit. It is fine with me because I believe that as time goes by, it will also increase. I check my submitted job and I saw a note saying that it will take an hour to be processed for me to know it has been accepted or declined. I am a very patient person so I waited while browsing online.

Since I was logged in to my Yahoo Messenger, I can see the incoming emails and who sent it. I checked my inbox and to my dismay, all advertisements can not be verified. They can not find the ads I have posted but I am pretty sure I did it correctly. The only possible thing is that, the ad was ghosted. Being ghosted means that the link is working and the ads is showing up on my end but they are not able to find it in the results page for that category. What is unbelievable is that 100% of my work has been wasted. Now, all my enthusiasm was gone. I have no plan of trying it again. I am not even sure if the ad is really being ghosted or if it a site issue. Worst, the whole thing could be a scam at all.

I am not an HTML genius, so I search for free codes once in a while. Even before when I am just a beginner in blogspot, w3schools.com has been my partner in editing my posts in HTML format. It was my college friend who introduced this website to me. And even though I do not need any particular code, I dropped by here for tutorials and self review.

There has been a lot of improvement since then. Right now, the site’s layout is dramatically green. Well, even though my favorite color is green I am not being biased here. It is just good to know that the color enhancements are soothing to the ice. I can also see the balanced layout. On left and right corners are vertical side bar while the middle of the page is compose of four major boxes. I always go with the first box for Web Building Tutorials. I learned a lot there like HTML, XHTML and CSS editing. You too can learn here once you try this website.

Learning here is quick and easy. All formats are accessible and handy which made me an avid fan of this site. I am not a computer geek or whiz to know everything. This site caters to all the needs of their visitor. There is a separate link for beginner and for developer. The Web Building Primer is available for someone like me. I am still a novice since as I have said long time ago, I always go for templates. Below the page are hyperlinks to other news. It is updated and you will be teased to click on it because of them are education and deals with technology. You can also assess your learning progress by taking the site quizzes. I just took another exam today and got 60%. The notes said: I have to study harder since I only get 12 correct answers out of 20 questions. I know which one to review because the result allows me to view my wrong answers and gives me the opportunity to take the exam again. There is a time limit but I suggest not to pressure yourself here because this is just a self-assessment. The more time you think of your answer, the higher are your chances to get the answer correctly. As for me, I was a little bit confused since in the multiple choice, the codes appear to be the same.

This website will be helpful to those people who always stay online not that familiar with HTML codes. The steps are not complicated. There are also lots of example codes and you can experiment on it, too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fond of Hotdogs? Join the hotdog-eating contest! Read on for details...

Qualifying Round Mechanics

1. The Big Bite® Match, a hotdog-eating contest, is open to all males and females who are 18 years old and above.

2. Qualifying Rounds will be held in all 7-Eleven stores, every Friday and Saturday from June 26 to August 15, 2009. Schedule is as follows:

* June 26 and 27
* July 3 and 4
* July 10 and 11
* July 17 and 18
* July 24 and 25
* July 31 and August 1
* August 7 and 8
* August 14 and 15

Fridays: 12nn to 7pm

Saturdays: 10am to 5pm

3. To join, a customer must purchase a Big Bite® Match Combo (5 Jumbo Big Bite® Hotdog sandwiches of any variant with a Big Gulp® - 946ml) for only P150. The hotdog sandwiches in this combo will be consumed for the qualifying round in the store.

4. Customer must show one (1) valid ID to the 7-Eleven store crew. Only the following types of ID will be accepted: School ID, Company ID, Driver’s License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, NBI Clearance, Postal ID, Voters ID, Passport)

5. Customer then fills out an Application Form available at the 7-Eleven counter, signs a Health Release and Waiver and attaches an official receipt with a Big Bite® Match Combo purchase, to make the application to the contest valid. The date on the Official Receipt and the Application Form should be the same.

6. Customer invites a person to stand as a witness to the challenge. The chosen witness should also present a valid ID and fill up required information in the Application Form.

7. A customer can join as many times as he or she wants and should fill out and complete all requirements on the application form for every trial.

8. A 7-Eleven store crew records the time it takes for the customer to finish all five (5) Hotdog sandwiches in the Big Bite® Match Combo in minutes and seconds. The following will be observed:
1. Only the Big Bite® Match Combo, napkins, 7-Eleven hotdog condiments, will be allowed to be put on the table and used by the customer. No assistance from another person or any mechanical device which will help consume faster will be allowed.
2. Only the prescribed timer in 7-Eleven stores will be used in timing the customer.
3. Customer should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.
4. 7-Eleven store crew shows the timer to the customer before starting the time record and starts the timer right after giving a go-signal. Customer then starts eating the hotdog sandwiches.
5. 7-Eleven store crew stops the timer after customer swallows the last hotdog sandwich and puts out his/her tongue. 7-Eleven store crew shows the timer to the customer and to the witness to check on his/her end time.

9. 7-Eleven store crew writes the recorded time on the Application Form to be signed by the 7-Eleven store crew, customer, and the witness over their printed names. One (1) copy of the signed Application Form will be given to the customer. Only Application Forms bearing the printed names and signatures of the 7-Eleven store crew, customer and witness shall be considered valid.

10. 7-Eleven store crew writes the Name and Time Record on the Leader Board. Only the seven (7) fastest Big Bite® hotdog eaters who qualified in the store will be placed on its Leader Board. This will be updated every time a new record is set.

11. After the Qualifying Rounds in the stores (August 15, 2009), all contestants will be ranked from the lowest to the highest time record. The Top 20 with the fastest time will qualify in the Semi-Finals match on August 22, 2009 at 10:00am in The Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave. , Mandaluyong City . All qualified contestants will be notified by 6:00pm of August 18, 2009 through Phonecall and Registered Mail.

12. In case of a tie for the last Semi-Finalist slot, a tie-breaker match will be held on August 20, 2009 at 5:00pm at the 7-Eleven store located at The Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave. , Mandaluyong City . Failure to attend this tie-breaker match forfeits the contestant’s chance to be included in the Semi-Finals. In this match, tied contestants will each be given three (3) Big Bite® Hotdog sandwiches and 1 Big Gulp® drink.
1. Contestants should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.
2. Contestants start to consume the three (3) hotdog sandwiches after the go-signal of the 7-Eleven representative
3. The first contestant to put out his/her tongue after swallowing the last hotdog sandwich will be qualified for the Semi-Finals match.
4. In case of a tie among the contestants, the same tie-breaker match will be done among tied contestants.

13. Employees of Philippine Seven Corporation, its agencies and participating outlets, including their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity, and employees of sponsors, are disqualified from joining the qualifying match.
14. Accommodation and transportation expenses of Provincial Semi-Finalists and Finalists shall be shouldered by Philippine Seven Corporation.

Semi-Finals Mechanics

1. Semi-Finals Match will be held at the 7-Eleven store located at The Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave. , Mandaluyong City on August 22, 2009 at 10:00am.

2. Twenty (20) Semi-Finalists compete by eating the most number of hotdog sandwiches in five (5) minutes.

1. Semi-Finalists should sign a Health Release and Liability Waiver prior to the Semi-Finals match.
2. Each Semi-Finalist is given fifty (30) hotdog sandwiches, and is assigned with one usher.
3. Semi-Finalists should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.
4. The 5-minute time starts upon the go-signal of the host.
5. After the 5-minute duration, all Semi-Finalists will be required to put his/her tongue out. Ushers will count remaining hotdog sandwiches. Only hotdog sandwiches which are fully consumed will be counted.

3. In case of a tie for the last Finalist slot, a 3-minute overtime match will be done among tied Semi-Finalists to vie for the last slot for the Finals. The Semi-Finalist who eats the most number of hotdog sandwiches in the 3-minute duration wins the overtime match.

1. Each tied Semi-Finalists is given twenty (20) hotdog sandwiches, and is assigned with one usher.
2. Tied Semi-Finalists should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.
3. The 3-minute time starts upon the go-signal of the host.
4. After the 3-minute duration, tied Semi-Finalists will be required to put to his/her tongue out. Ushers will count remaining hotdog sandwiches. Only hotdog sandwiches that are fully consumed will be counted.
5. In case of a tie in the overtime match, the same overtime match will be done among tied Semi-Finalists.

4. The Top 7 Semi-Finalists with the most number of totally consumed hotdog sandwiches will qualify for the Final Match. The qualified Finalists will be announced at the end of the Semi-Finals Match and through posters and print ads.

5. All twenty (20) Semi-Finalists will be given P2,000 in consolation prize tax-free.

Final Match Mechanics

1. The Final Match will be held on August 29, 2009 at 3:00pm in the TriNoma Mall Activity Center , EDSA, Quezon City .

2. The seven (7) Semi-Finalists will compete by eating the most number of hotdog sandwiches in ten (10) minutes.
1. Finalists should sign a Health Release and Liability Waiver prior to the Final Match.
2. Each Finalist is given sixty (60) hotdog sandwiches, and is assigned with one usher.
3. Finalists should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.
4. The 10-minute time will start upon the go-signal of the host.
5. After the 10-minute duration, all Finalists will be required to put to his/her tongue out. Ushers will count remaining hotdog sandwiches. Only hotdog sandwiches that are fully consumed will be counted.

3. The Top 3 winning Finalists with the most number of totally consumed Big Bite® hotdog sandwiches will win the following prizes, tax-free:

1st Place : P 500,000

2nd Place : P 150,000

3rd Place : P 75,000

4. The non-winning Finalists will be given consolation prizes of P 20,000 each tax-free.

5. In case of a tie for the 1st Place , 2nd Place , or 3rd Place , a 5-minute overtime match will be done among tied Finalists for their corresponding prizes. The Finalist who eats the most number of Big Bite® hotdog sandwiches in the 5-minute duration wins the overtime match.
1. Each tied Finalist is given thirty (30) hotdog sandwiches, and is assigned with one usher.
2. Tied Finalists should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.
3. After the 5-minute duration, all tied Finalists will be required to put to his/her tongue out. Ushers will count remaining hotdog sandwiches. Only hotdog sandwiches that are fully consumed will be counted.
4. In case of a tie in the overtime match, the same overtime match will be done among tied Finalists.

6. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced and awarded during the Big Bite® Final Match Event and through posters and print ads.


1. All application forms per branch shall be under the custody of the store manager, properly numbered sequentially per branch.
2. After the last Qualifying Event, all application forms will be collected and brought to the 7-Eleven Head Office on August 18, 2009 for encoding and safekeeping under the custody of the Category Manager of Hotdogs – Mark Steven King.

3. A DTI representative shall be invited to witness the following:
1. Determination of the 20 semi-finalists.
2. Tie-breaker match for the 20 semi-finalists.
3. Semi-Finals Match.
4. Final Match Event.

If kids are enjoying Pokemon, then grown ups are addicted to Magic: The Gathering (MTG) cards, including me and my boyfriend. Well, majority of the players are males but there are also few females joining tournaments nowadays, around 4% the last City Championship here in the Philippines. And as a newbie, it’s my pride to be on Top 20. I played my boatbrew deck amounting more than Php10,000. So yes, the first thing that you can notice about this game is the prices of cards. I have to admit this is a very expensive hobby. But hell, I am enjoying a lot and as long as I have spare cash, I will not give up this hobby ever. In my nature of work, I am able to support my family and have the time to splurge on my magic cards. The only thing that is not good about this trading card game is the price change. The card prices are not fixed and there are also time that overpricing is an issue. Some cards also depreciate easily much to my dismay. But later on, I learned the techniques for card investment; it is always a win-win situation if you will purchase land cards. So I did.

Playing MTG is like playing mind games. As a player you should know all the rules, especially the basics. This is pretty similar to the card game YU-GI-OH. Though as many people said, MTG is the grand daddy of other card games. Magic duel is composed of two players, you and your opponent whom we called active player and non- active player. It can also be a multiplayer type of game commonly referred as chaos during casual plays... There are also judges during sanctioned tournaments. I like this game because as an intellectual being, it makes me exercise my mind. It is also a way of relaxation.
Even at home, I enjoy playing it with other people. It hones my thinking skills and my strategies.

I always go to work with my magic pouch which is composed of a deck, tokens, dice and other cards. People are amazed to see me getting hooked with this game. And day by day, I am getting better on this one. I have defeated more guy players too. Then one time I had a female opponent, I also won. For me it is not always about winning, it is also finding joy about what you are doing. Playing magic is not always being after the prizes, but also after learning more and sharing it to others. As a magic player, I have met a lot of friends and they are worth-keeping.

For the magic card designs, I can’t help it but admire the artist behind each of them. Rebecca Guay and Richard Fergusson are just my few favorites. The artists are really great. Perfect! The card prints are also worth-collecting. And before I forget, Wizards of the Coast are doing well for recognizing and rewarding the players based on their online record. They had already shipped the latest rewards and I’m excited to receive mine.

More information about the game?

I love nail polish so much and I always see to it that my fingernails are properly groomed. I love them long and colorful. I can go from French Tip to deep red shades; it really depends on my mood. Being a girl, we are privileged to lots of stuff without being branded as vain. Right now, my fingernails are covered with frosted peach nail polish. I have received a lot of compliments about it. Since I wanted to try something new, I made some research about nail art technology and happened to stumble on konad website.

In one look, I was not impressed. I am visual person and looking for more images only to see one picture of nail art. I have to admit though that the art is good, cute flower design is being show there. I excitedly click on the ONSALE to check for cheaper prices but it is only showing basic coats. The NEW Arrival section is composed of image plates available. I noticed that it is easy to go shopping here. The shopping cart is just below each item.

I find it hard though to navigate through the Nail Sticker. At first I thought that there is really nothing to be displayed on this section. But when I tried again, there are pop up menus on the right side and you have to act quickly if you don’t want to lose those options. I think it would be better if they can make the link easier to access.

I was not aware that the page I have described to you earlier is the homepage, yes, the one with an image of a nail art and a flower. For me having it on the homepage is not enough. It has to contain more information as much as possible. And it should have the most appealing images ever to make positive impression. I understand that simplicity is the key, but since Konad Stamping Nail Art infuses technology and creativity, might as well practice it on their own website.
Check the site here!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I’m missing my Ixi real bad. If you are wondering what an Ixi is, maybe you have not been to neopets.com yet. My last login on that site is days ago. I have to retrieve my password prior to that because it has been a long time since I last played. I go back there and tried navigating through the site again. There are really lots of improvement which makes me more excited to play this game again. Everything is in flash now and there are plenty of games to choose from. Neopia is a well-developed world now. More maps have been added and I can’t help but explore them one by one. This site is really for child at heart like me.

You can create a new account HERE!

My first stop is at the Jelly World where I can get jellies for free. If I am lucky, that would be enough to feed my pet. My Ixi is choosy with food, sometime it doesn’t like to eat the free foods. It is very funny how neopets act like this. There are more freebies that I look for every time I sign in. I always dropped by the Tombola, Coltzan’s Shrine, Giant Omelet and Fish Pond. As a Level twenty-four player, I’ve been through several Quests and Games. I just gained one level as of this writing. I got it from Scratch card Kiosk. I enjoy the risk of this game so I think those who are good to bet will also enjoy this game. I am just saddened by the fact that I can only get one scratch card per six hours. I am really hooked with this game of luck so I really wish we can have unlimited cards here.

To ensure that my Ixi has been taken care of, I always leave him at the Inn for twenty eight days. Unfortunately, he has been dying for the past year. My bad. The good thing is, faeries can still heal the pets and can give you free potions. I went to the faerie land and after restoring my pet back to health, I begin exploring the market for my store. It is my way of earning neopoints. I checked out Neopian Bazaar and Neopian Plaza for items that I can purchase. It is the same place where you can see the Neolodge. My favorite shop is the Chocolate Factory because it is full of affordable sweets. You can also haggle with the storekeeper but make it reasonable and quick so that other buyer won’t get the items instead of you. I am a hard core buyer and I am good at haggling. I also make sure that I drop by the at the Neopian Bank to get my account interest. For me this site is like living in this real world. I am just role playing my character through the use of my neopet. I have a lot of good things to say about neopets.com. Thanks to Louie who introduced this game to me six years ago…

This is a level up kind of game and I am currently on level 7 as of this writing. My character Elizhya Dyna is fighting well. How did I get hooked up with this cool fighting game online? Well, I found a link on one of my favorite forums posted by a magic player and I just became his pupil. He gained one point in return. Awesome, there is hidden networking here! But I won't deny that the flash game is really addicting. You have to take note though the fights are automatic. You just have to sit back and admire the massacre! It is lots of fun online.

Try it yourself and feel the excitement of winning. There are times that others will flatten your brute. And if you have crashed other brutes, you gained 2 experienced points. The more points you have, the faster you will level up and get bonus features. Your number of students also counts. One pupil is equivalent to one experience point. Every time you give your brute's link and someone created a new one to fight you, you will be his or her master. Once you reached level 10, you will be able to create a clan. I'm a part of Neutral Grounds clan and we are only nineteen as of the moment. Each clan has its own forum and member rankings.

The bonuses and statistics of each brute are randomized. There are four different types of bonuses you can collect during the game in My Brute namely: weapon, super, specialty and pet. Here is the clue: If you will fight someone with a pet, chances are... you will get the same pet as a bonus. I find this unfair because most of those who have pets and greater weapon are of higher level and fighting them will be an automatic lose on your part.

When you are at the arena and selecting your opponents; health points, speed, strength and agility are the only information available. So you really have to take a risk fighting someone stronger or better than you. This is acceptable so that you will not keep fighting just the weaker brutes. The most popular pets are bear and dog. They will definitely help you win! While you are at level one, 6 games are available per day. Once you reach the 2nd level, there would only be 3 per day. And I have to say, I can not get enough because I'm so inlove with the game!

Because of this addiction, I decided to create more characters. So two more female brutes has been named after me. I felt satisfied playing nine games in one day compared to three just like before. My Yahoo status always includes a hyperlink for this site. I am promoting this to others just to share the fun.

UPDATE: I can't remember the last time I've played it since I am disappointed with my brute's fate.
Haha. Do your like to check if your brute is worth keeping?

Brutes: Worth-Keeping?!

I don't mean to spoil the fun. You can still play it and challenge my brute as well:

Elizhya Dyna
Maristelle Jade

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What makes you stay at a certain forum or community? You definitely have one good reason and don’t be surprised with the unanimous answer of my TP friends: good relationship among forum members. Same as yours? *shrug* As expected… LOL.

But why settle to just good relationship when you can have GOOD INCOME at the same time? That is what makes TalkPH superb among the forums I’ve known. You’ve read the blog title and that’s it - Ad Revenue Sharing Forum. Most of my visitors here are TPers, if you’re not one of them sign up first before we proceed to link exchange.

Join TalkPH – Ad Revenue Sharing Forum Now!

Get Started:
To set-up your account, just go to PROFILE>AD REVENUE SHARING.
Make sure you have entered your Google AdSense Client ID (It should be in the form of pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in your profile.

Ad Revenue Sharing Explained
(by TP Admin)

1. How Does our Adshare work?
Ad Revenue is shared between the Administrators, the new Thread Starter and the last replier in a particular thread.
As a new thread starter, there is up to x% chance your Adsense Code will be displayed for each page view. x% depends on your member rank. New members normally gets 5% share and "The Elder" members gets 80% share. The last replier in a particular thread will have a 10% chance that their Adsense Code will be displayed.
This should encourage both new thread posting in addition to participation in other member's threads.

2. How Do I Participate in the Revenue Sharing Program?
First, you will need a Google Adsense account.
After logged-in to TalkPh.net, go to your profile page then click on "Ad Revenue Share".
From there, you will simply enter you Google AdSense Client ID (including the beginning "pub-") and optionally a channel ID. Click Save and you are all set!
That's it. Happy Posting, Happy Replying, and Happy Earning!

3. Is my Adsense Code Visible in Source?
You'll never (so long as you're logged in) see your own adsense code. This is to ensure you don't click your own adsense links, as this would Violate the Terms of Service you agreed to. We don't want anyone getting banned from adsense for something so small.

**Must-Read: TIPS on Earning More:

1. Make sure you have entered your Google AdSense Client ID (It should be in the form of pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in your profile.
2. Create a good new thread and your thread must be interesting not spam. Interesting thread will get a chance to be featured at our PORTAL Page a.k.a. HOMEPAGE. This means that your TOPIC will get instant access from visitors and members thus increasing your page impressions! Higher Page Impressions will result to Higher Adsense Earnings.
3. Create interesting title for your thread to invite more visitors to view your thread.
4. Be an active member in this forum.

Well done and good luck!
*Thanks to isl30fvi3w!

Recently, I was among one of the many people staying online just to read the latest news from this forum. The cancellation of Alara Reborn Pre Release has created mass hysteria. A lot of negative emotions have been posted. I can’t help it but read through the pages waiting for the right people to respond. I, myself was a little bit affected but I appreciate the fact that the administrator tried their best to pacify the players. Neutral Grounds Forum is a Filipino magic community so we use the native dialect and English language on some occasion. Most members are male. Well, statistic shows that current male to female ratio is 18.3:*1. I’m one of the few girls who actively reads and posts on this forum. I love being here because people are not sexist and they are very supportive to a newbie like me. There are times that they thought I was a guy but it doesn’t matter at all. I love talking to them because I learn a lot. Neutral Grounds Forum is my second home. It is the first forum I always open when I am in front of my computer. Aside from the fact that members are welcoming and opinionated, I know most of them in real life. I can say that I’m one of the guys. And I love being part of this community.

I get the chance to know more people through this forum. You will really get to know most of the people here if you are joining Magic Tournament. Sometimes you will be dealing with them as a buyer, seller or trader. I have dealt with a lot of them and they always give me good impression. In this forum, I can greatly say that what you see is what you get. The forum has a feature called “trade count” that allows you give negative or positive feedback for each transaction. I personally love this one because it shows my credibility. The trading post on the forum is being taken care of by a responsible moderator. Their rules are fair enough and I observe it most of the time. Though I must admit that I also receive warnings. I won’t say that is strict, instead, I will say that the moderator and administrator here are just fair in implementing the rules. Also, this forum is not focused on magic alone. Other boards are allotted for discussion about anything under the sun. Though there are some people branding me as “spammer” and the like, it hasn’t change anything. I have plenty of friends there that make my stay worthwhile. Plus, this is a place of learning and it helps me a lot.

I’m not close to any moderators of Teentalk but the one at Who’s Who thread has a signature of her own forum. One day I was depressed (Teentalk forum was down during that time.) and was so bored that I clicked the link and signed up at Lunatic Forum. It is a simple site, no big difference from other forums. What is so cute about it always changes the site background or forum skins depending on the season. Now that it is summer time, I love the new tag line: “Lunatic Forum: Where Insanities are Hot Hot Hot!”. Cool! Time to relax at the beach. It gives me a summer atmosphere and a joy feeling as if I am having a good time under the summer hear. The picture conveys a lot of emotion and activates my imagination.

The graphics are nice, so as its fonts on top of light yellow shades. The smileys or emoticons are also personalized which make it unique from the web.

This is a good indication that they are exerting effort in maintaining this forum. And I am glad due to the fact that they are trying to create their original identity.

Most people here are my friends on other forums already. It is nice to talk to them and keep exchanging of ideas. Every time I post something here, I get both positive and negative reactions. I thank the people who agree with me and try to defend my answer to those who don’t. But I am not the type who keeps on insisting. I respect their opinions as well. What I love about this forum is more freedom compared to Teentalk. Here, adult stuffs are being discussed without malice. I’m thankful about it because there is a right place to discuss different things.

The site is well-monitored and always updated. Not to mention that the girl behind all these is a loving nurse. Good job! She has the time to welcome new members. But I think some members or maybe the moderator itself, overlooked the other part of the forum. I have to agree, when a guy member of another forum just said: “Sadly, Lunatic is a big Who’s Who Board”. I know what made him say those words. It is simply because members are just posting at a specified board as if they’re chatting. That is the right place, yes, but how about the Relationships Board, Bright Lights, Offline Life and Humanities? We also need something with sense or deeper meaning.

I am already twenty four but I am still an active member of this forum. This is an online extension of Candy Magazine. Some of my friends usually tease me every time they see the colorful site open on my personal computer. I should be browsing through Girl Talk or any other adult forum they say. They are correct but Teentalk is so dear to me ever since college days. The first person I saw logging in here was my shop supervisor during my training. The site is so girly! You will get the hang of eye candy. Pastel colors are nice to the eyes, so relaxing, so sweet! For me this represents my nature as a jolly girl. The site is full of life and so am I!

The forum has several boards and I love Relationships and Beauty-licious the most. I just lurk around on other threads. In the Lovelife thread, I find my experiences in life very useful. Most teenagers there are having relationship dilemma and it makes me feel good and of use as I post and give my advices them. And I have also utilized this feature once I experienced being broken hearted years ago. Teentalk forum introduced me to one of the most important people in my life. Cheesy. (Hope he can read this.)
I am a fan of Beauty thread as well because it provides me girly tips. It supports my vanity and I am happy for it. I also enjoy posting testimonials about other product. But unlike here which is a detailed review, there my opinion is usually a one-line or three sentences at the most.

Even though this community is full of teenagers, they seem mature enough for their age. The discussion board clearly displays their beliefs and stand for every issue. When misunderstanding arises, moderators come into view. They are responsible enough to warn members and do the necessary actions. Since everyone has different opinions, arguments or disagreements are pretty normal. I think this is why the site develops the “karma” feature. This one allows the member to give YAYs (positive points) or BOOs (negative points) to each other. Just below the username, you can see the total yays and boos you have. Brilliant idea. Though it is not reliable for me. It is up to you how you would like to interpret the karma scores. Also, you can only give 1 yay to one person per hour. So what if I’ve got a hater, will I get a boo every hour? Possible, but I don’t care. As long as I can express my opinions, this forum is good for me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A. Signing up @ paypal.com
- Log on to www.paypal.com and click on SIGN UP.
- Create your PERSONAL account by clicking the "Getting Started" Button.
- Fill up all the required fields in the registration form. Dont worry about linking your credit/debit card. You can always update your account once you have created it.
- Click on "I agree, create my account" button.
- Check your email for confirmation and follow the prompts or log back to www.paypal.com.

B. Applying for EON card (Union Bank)
Currently, the site is not accepting online application so you have to go to the nearest Union Bank branch and apply for EON card.

Union Bank Branch Directory

Make sure you have photocopies of your two valid IDs. Simple, fill up the registration form and wait for 7 BUSINESS DAYS to have your EON card. You can just pay the annual fee of Php350 as you claim it from the bank. I suggest that you also make an initial deposit of atleast Php100 for Paypal verification. Say, Php500 would be enough for this purpose.

*Note: Releasing of EON card may take more than 7 BUSINESS DAYS depending on Bank Policies or the Branch itself.

Once you have your EON card you still have to wait for 24HRS for it to be activated. Proceed to changing PIN.

Register it online for EASE of TRANSACTIONS:
- Go to Union Bank Online and click on "EON CYBER ACCOUNT" option.
- A new window will pop up. Click "ENROLL HERE" to be able to access your accounts online. Again, just follow the prompts for registration.

Once your online account is activated, LINK it to your PAYPAL.

C. LINKING your PAYPAL and EON Cyber Account
- Sign in to your paypal account
- Click the option to LINK your DEBIT CARD
- Complete the required details.

You will then receive a confirmation email like this:

Go back to paypal and you will see this page under your TASKS:

Check your EON Account for the EXPUSE Number:

(You have to click your account and view latest transactions for the details to be displayed.)

Reposting the topic I have created @ Magic Community...Read on:

Hello Guys!
It's been a while...

Well, it all started when Ganda ni Rae214 Thread was locked.
LOL. No big deal but you may want to check what's behind the scene.

'Nuff said.

My new siggie says "Stop Spamming, Start Earning!".
Hehe. There goes my sideline. It took me long to post this online income opportunity because I wanted to prove it first. Bingo! This is for real and here's my proof of payment:

$58.4 US
First Batch of Earnings

You too can earn by simply writing reviews:

How to Write Review and Get Paid

EVERYTHING can be REVIEWED and every REVIEW can be PAID.

Originality is the key.

You may start with or without my referral here...


Be a freelancer here!

I am a complete novice in terms of monetizing my blog.

Ooopps...No display ads for my PINKVILLE. Everything goes to TWIN BLOG...( Blog: Overhauled!)

I am venturing into online-based jobs and I will update this thread for every payment proof.

RECAP: Online Income Opportunities
1. Review Stream
X. Anything else you would like to add, just post it here.

For further questions, PM or YM me:
liezl_7m5 AT yahoo DOT com (Uh, avoiding mail bots)

You may also share your testimonials here.

I also tried PTC and PTR and I find it time-consuming. Every second counts and I'd rather write than click.
Afterall, that's the reason why I was branded "spammer" before. ;D

Okish, laters!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am not into photo blogging, but this time this image said it all. Got it from the local newspaper last June 05, 2009.
Hey, I'm part of Trend Micro. LOL.

Sorry for the not-so-updated post. Been bed-ridden for almost a week.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Most of the paid-to-write sites are not allowing you to post articles that have been published before. This is what makes Associated Content different from them.

It allows you to submit your own articles that you have posted on your blog or on other site as long as your name appears on it.

First, you have to sign up or create an account with them. Once done, you will receive a confirmation through email.
Right there and then you can start publishing. But I strongly suggest to modify your account settings first. Make sure to verify your account, you can either select to receive a text message or receive a call from Associated Content. This way, AC can be sure that they are dealing with existing human beings.

After verification, you can see a check mark on your account meaning, you are eligible to receive payment.

Now, going back to submitting articles. They have Submission of Articles Rules that you have to read. They only accept entries minimum of 400 words except for poetry.

What I love about Associated Content is they are very proactive in providing feedback. When you are a new member, it will take 2-3 days before a content will be published. Once it is rejected, the AC editor will send you email regarding the reason why it has been rejected and what you can do for it to be approved. You can always resubmit your work after doing the necessary edits.

Current PPM is $1.50. They are more specific than Google Adsense. I prefer AC because I understand it more and I can have unlimited earnings as long as more visitors view my articles. Clout Level Increases everytime you reach a certain number or contents and page views. The higher the clout level is, the higher will be your bonus.

If you are a resident of US, consider yourself lucky because they are giving upfront payment. As for me, I am entitled to Display-Only type of payment. Payments are sent through paypal. For more information check this out:
Payment Policy

Here are my sample articles:

Example 1

Example 2

So...double your blog earnings now.
Create an account now!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blogging is also being a source of income. We are earning cash from it though we are not dependent on the amount it is generating for us. For it to be possible, we place ads on the site and wait for visitors. Now, there are times that there are only few page visits. Here is how you can increase it.

I would like to introduce EasyHits4u.

First, sign up to:


Once you have completed all the information, you have to confirm it through your email.

You simply click on the link and login on the page with your username and password.

As you sign in, you will be directed to your account. Add the website you want to promote. As of the moment you can add up to 10 websites for free. If you do not have any website to promote, you can enter your referral links and see how your downline grow.

You can then start surfing the sites. You will have two options, the 2:1 ratio or the 1:1 ration. I always select the 2:1 ration because it offers me more bonuses and I can earn more from easyhits4u. But if you want to have more page hits, opt for 1:1 ration so that more visitors will be directed to your home page.

On your accounts stats, you can also adjust or assign credits or the page hits ratio between your easyhits4u account and your websites. You can also transfer credits.

For more information, check the FAQ page or contact them.

With easyhits4u you can have 1:1 traffic exchange ratio plus earn extra cash per 1000 sites surfed and through referral.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There are lots of money making website but let me help you with the steps on earning a lot by simply writing a review.

First login to this page:
Review Stream: Start Review

It is the Review Stream web page where you can start writing reviews.Here, you do not have to create a new account or sign up for it.

Right then and there you can submit a review.

Just take note that if it is your first time writing a review for them, check if your desired pen name is available.

Type your desired pen name and click "Check".Once it has been verified as available you can proceed. Complete all the fields. All of them are required except for the location which is only necessary when reviewing a restaurant or a hotel.

Make sure that the review is original and never been published elsewhere. Reviews with 200 words or less will be rejected automatically so make sure to write honest and concise reviews.

You can check the "bulk rate" option if you are willing to get paid with that rate.For every submitted review, you will receive an email notification. Then your review will be processed within 72 hours.

You will be notified if it has been published or rejected. Published review is worth $2 for bulk rate it is $0.40.

You can resubmit rejected reviews and check bulk rate.

Minimum cash out is $50 through Paypal.

Here, everything can be reviewed and every review can be paid. It is very easy to earn money online.

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