Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recently, I was among one of the many people staying online just to read the latest news from this forum. The cancellation of Alara Reborn Pre Release has created mass hysteria. A lot of negative emotions have been posted. I can’t help it but read through the pages waiting for the right people to respond. I, myself was a little bit affected but I appreciate the fact that the administrator tried their best to pacify the players. Neutral Grounds Forum is a Filipino magic community so we use the native dialect and English language on some occasion. Most members are male. Well, statistic shows that current male to female ratio is 18.3:*1. I’m one of the few girls who actively reads and posts on this forum. I love being here because people are not sexist and they are very supportive to a newbie like me. There are times that they thought I was a guy but it doesn’t matter at all. I love talking to them because I learn a lot. Neutral Grounds Forum is my second home. It is the first forum I always open when I am in front of my computer. Aside from the fact that members are welcoming and opinionated, I know most of them in real life. I can say that I’m one of the guys. And I love being part of this community.

I get the chance to know more people through this forum. You will really get to know most of the people here if you are joining Magic Tournament. Sometimes you will be dealing with them as a buyer, seller or trader. I have dealt with a lot of them and they always give me good impression. In this forum, I can greatly say that what you see is what you get. The forum has a feature called “trade count” that allows you give negative or positive feedback for each transaction. I personally love this one because it shows my credibility. The trading post on the forum is being taken care of by a responsible moderator. Their rules are fair enough and I observe it most of the time. Though I must admit that I also receive warnings. I won’t say that is strict, instead, I will say that the moderator and administrator here are just fair in implementing the rules. Also, this forum is not focused on magic alone. Other boards are allotted for discussion about anything under the sun. Though there are some people branding me as “spammer” and the like, it hasn’t change anything. I have plenty of friends there that make my stay worthwhile. Plus, this is a place of learning and it helps me a lot.


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