Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I’d really love to take up Chemical Engineering. But due to financial crisis, I was forced to apply for scholarships and take up the course they are offering. Since I am good with almost everything, I was able to pass all the examinations and availed Meralco Foundation Scholarship. I have been granted with full year scholarship plus allowance so they enrolled me at Batangas State University with the course Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major in Computer Engineering Technology. Kinda long stuff, isn’t it?
[Important Note: I passed DOST Scholarship as well and that would be good for 5 years. I was supposed to study at UP. Oh boy, how I love to take Chem Eng. LOL, you guess it right, this is one my greatest frustration in life. Probably the one and only… If only I can turn back time. If only I did not listen to my Mom… Before I get out of lane, kindly proceed to the next paragraph…]

During that time, I was not fond of computers yet so I was sometimes not interested with the subjects. As time goes by, and since I didn’t have any other choice I started to love my course especially when we are performing laboratory activities. I started to like all of my professor teachings. Because of this, I excel on all my subjects and get good grades throughout the year. What surprise me about this course is that it lets you graduate every year and you have to attend all commencement exercises.

Bachelor of Industrial Technology is really a four-year course but it is a ladderized program. It means that for every year you can get your diploma with different degrees: vocational, technical, technological and bachelor’s degree from first to fourth year respectively. Another good thing about this course is the fact that it is somewhat similar to Engineering Courses. The major courses also includes: Electronics Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Instrumentation Engineering Technology, and the like.

After my first year of graduation, I felt privileged and happy to be in the top graduates. Since I still want to pursue my studies, I applied for another scholarship to support me in my second year. I qualified for Batangas Province Scholarship. My second year with this course seems to be more challenging. Why? Because I am studying at the school for 3 days and having my training outside for another 3 days. Not only that, during Sundays I have my National Service Training Program in replacement to ROTC. Overall, I am studying seven days a week. It is pretty hard because I can not relax anymore. I felt I don’t have enough time for other things. I even felt that I don’t have enough time to study everything especially during exam weeks. The good thing here is that my trainers are good to me so I am enjoying my outside training or what we called on-the-job training. Despite this unhealthy schedule, I survived.

My third year seems to be easier because I have already adjusted but it was of the same setup as before. Come fourth year, I was back to 5 days of classes. What a relief! The only thing that pressured me is my thesis or case study. With the help of my groupmates, we were able to defend our project and thereby ready to march on our last graduation for Bachelor’s degree.

After four years of striving, my efforts have been rewarded. I graduated with flying colors and I know I deserved it. Wow, it feels good to be a Cum Laude! I have learned a lot from my field of study. I am getting good with computers and being more interested on it. To quote my organization’s saying: I do not fear computers; I fear the lack of them.


Drew said...

with this digital age, I don't think i can still live without computers... My day starts and ends with my PC / laptop.

And oh, don't regret whatever things you haven't been able to do, rather just embrace what you have right now and make the best out of it.

Liz said...

Thank you for the uplifting words. I think I'm over it. Yeah, everything happens for a reason. After all, if I end up as a Chemical Engineer, I'll be on the lab experimenting rather than blogging. LOL.

yuuki said...

well i think it was for the best that u end up taking that course...

hey i took ChE and i blog!

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