Thursday, June 18, 2009

I’m not close to any moderators of Teentalk but the one at Who’s Who thread has a signature of her own forum. One day I was depressed (Teentalk forum was down during that time.) and was so bored that I clicked the link and signed up at Lunatic Forum. It is a simple site, no big difference from other forums. What is so cute about it always changes the site background or forum skins depending on the season. Now that it is summer time, I love the new tag line: “Lunatic Forum: Where Insanities are Hot Hot Hot!”. Cool! Time to relax at the beach. It gives me a summer atmosphere and a joy feeling as if I am having a good time under the summer hear. The picture conveys a lot of emotion and activates my imagination.

The graphics are nice, so as its fonts on top of light yellow shades. The smileys or emoticons are also personalized which make it unique from the web.

This is a good indication that they are exerting effort in maintaining this forum. And I am glad due to the fact that they are trying to create their original identity.

Most people here are my friends on other forums already. It is nice to talk to them and keep exchanging of ideas. Every time I post something here, I get both positive and negative reactions. I thank the people who agree with me and try to defend my answer to those who don’t. But I am not the type who keeps on insisting. I respect their opinions as well. What I love about this forum is more freedom compared to Teentalk. Here, adult stuffs are being discussed without malice. I’m thankful about it because there is a right place to discuss different things.

The site is well-monitored and always updated. Not to mention that the girl behind all these is a loving nurse. Good job! She has the time to welcome new members. But I think some members or maybe the moderator itself, overlooked the other part of the forum. I have to agree, when a guy member of another forum just said: “Sadly, Lunatic is a big Who’s Who Board”. I know what made him say those words. It is simply because members are just posting at a specified board as if they’re chatting. That is the right place, yes, but how about the Relationships Board, Bright Lights, Offline Life and Humanities? We also need something with sense or deeper meaning.


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