Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am not an HTML genius, so I search for free codes once in a while. Even before when I am just a beginner in blogspot, has been my partner in editing my posts in HTML format. It was my college friend who introduced this website to me. And even though I do not need any particular code, I dropped by here for tutorials and self review.

There has been a lot of improvement since then. Right now, the site’s layout is dramatically green. Well, even though my favorite color is green I am not being biased here. It is just good to know that the color enhancements are soothing to the ice. I can also see the balanced layout. On left and right corners are vertical side bar while the middle of the page is compose of four major boxes. I always go with the first box for Web Building Tutorials. I learned a lot there like HTML, XHTML and CSS editing. You too can learn here once you try this website.

Learning here is quick and easy. All formats are accessible and handy which made me an avid fan of this site. I am not a computer geek or whiz to know everything. This site caters to all the needs of their visitor. There is a separate link for beginner and for developer. The Web Building Primer is available for someone like me. I am still a novice since as I have said long time ago, I always go for templates. Below the page are hyperlinks to other news. It is updated and you will be teased to click on it because of them are education and deals with technology. You can also assess your learning progress by taking the site quizzes. I just took another exam today and got 60%. The notes said: I have to study harder since I only get 12 correct answers out of 20 questions. I know which one to review because the result allows me to view my wrong answers and gives me the opportunity to take the exam again. There is a time limit but I suggest not to pressure yourself here because this is just a self-assessment. The more time you think of your answer, the higher are your chances to get the answer correctly. As for me, I was a little bit confused since in the multiple choice, the codes appear to be the same.

This website will be helpful to those people who always stay online not that familiar with HTML codes. The steps are not complicated. There are also lots of example codes and you can experiment on it, too.


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