Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am proud to say that I am a graduate of this University and I felt deeply honored for being a part of it. Our university is well known not only in the province, in Region 4 but through out the country. It is a home of topnotchers and I myself am a cum laude.

Batangas State University offers the most reasonable tuition fees among other colleges. Not only that, there are lots of scholarships available for everyone. And it is not focusing on academic talents alone but even on your other God-given skills. This University has different campuses and I used to go to the Main Campus and Alangilan Campus. Alangilan Campus is much stricter with every rules compared to Main Campus. Here, Monday Flag Ceremony is always observed. Even the school uniforms are being checked before entering the school premises. This is the second main campus and most students here are taking up Engineering, the course where we are good at and where we also top during Board Examination.

During my college life, the buildings here are already air-conditioned which make it a very conducive place to study. I like the library here compared to the one at the main campus. The librarian here allows you to get and return books on your own. It is a totally self-service environment. Inside the library is the internet cafĂ© where you can access the internet for free within an hour everyday. This is useful to me since I don’t have a PC of my own yet during those times.

Now that I am already working, I am please to know that my sister who is now studying there is also enjoying her stay. She even told me that she had met most of my professors. Speaking of professors, all of my college teachers are very dear to me. They don’t give grades just for the heck. Instead, you really have to work for it. It is with my great pride that I am telling you, in Batangas State University, you will get more than what you paid for. It is not just the diploma, the fame or knowledge but the spirit instilled on you as a Borbonian. (Note: Batangas State University is previously known as Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology or PBMIT). I am not afraid to tell the other schools out there that the students here are far more disciplined. I am a proactive member of school council that is why I know most of the things happening here. And I also know the existing issues on other schools.


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