Thursday, June 25, 2009

*pissed off*

I just signed up at this site because I found the link in one of the forums I usually visit. There are even testimonials there and it seems convincing. I know that I can do this online job because it is as simple as copy and pasting the advertisement. I am good with shortcuts so I am very confident that I can earn a lot with something I am really good at. I carefully read all the rules and instructions and click the link for "Post Ads, Get Paid". It brought me to a new page with the advertisement I am to copy. Again, there are several steps to take note. I review each of them since I will be doing this for the first time. Once done, I click the craiglist link and a new window opened. I move quickly and start copying and pasting. Well, it is not that easy at all because there are different textbox or area where you have to paste the things you have copied. It is fine though because I am exerting a little effort. I thought it ends there but you still have to enter a validation code or words. Then you have to log in back to your email to check the confirmation email and publish it from there. That would be the only time that you can see the web address of your advertisement. I was happy and excited to go back to the main window to paste that generated link. I have done it for five times today for different advertisement. It is sad to know that I have a post limit. It is fine with me because I believe that as time goes by, it will also increase. I check my submitted job and I saw a note saying that it will take an hour to be processed for me to know it has been accepted or declined. I am a very patient person so I waited while browsing online.

Since I was logged in to my Yahoo Messenger, I can see the incoming emails and who sent it. I checked my inbox and to my dismay, all advertisements can not be verified. They can not find the ads I have posted but I am pretty sure I did it correctly. The only possible thing is that, the ad was ghosted. Being ghosted means that the link is working and the ads is showing up on my end but they are not able to find it in the results page for that category. What is unbelievable is that 100% of my work has been wasted. Now, all my enthusiasm was gone. I have no plan of trying it again. I am not even sure if the ad is really being ghosted or if it a site issue. Worst, the whole thing could be a scam at all.


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