Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is a level up kind of game and I am currently on level 7 as of this writing. My character Elizhya Dyna is fighting well. How did I get hooked up with this cool fighting game online? Well, I found a link on one of my favorite forums posted by a magic player and I just became his pupil. He gained one point in return. Awesome, there is hidden networking here! But I won't deny that the flash game is really addicting. You have to take note though the fights are automatic. You just have to sit back and admire the massacre! It is lots of fun online.

Try it yourself and feel the excitement of winning. There are times that others will flatten your brute. And if you have crashed other brutes, you gained 2 experienced points. The more points you have, the faster you will level up and get bonus features. Your number of students also counts. One pupil is equivalent to one experience point. Every time you give your brute's link and someone created a new one to fight you, you will be his or her master. Once you reached level 10, you will be able to create a clan. I'm a part of Neutral Grounds clan and we are only nineteen as of the moment. Each clan has its own forum and member rankings.

The bonuses and statistics of each brute are randomized. There are four different types of bonuses you can collect during the game in My Brute namely: weapon, super, specialty and pet. Here is the clue: If you will fight someone with a pet, chances are... you will get the same pet as a bonus. I find this unfair because most of those who have pets and greater weapon are of higher level and fighting them will be an automatic lose on your part.

When you are at the arena and selecting your opponents; health points, speed, strength and agility are the only information available. So you really have to take a risk fighting someone stronger or better than you. This is acceptable so that you will not keep fighting just the weaker brutes. The most popular pets are bear and dog. They will definitely help you win! While you are at level one, 6 games are available per day. Once you reach the 2nd level, there would only be 3 per day. And I have to say, I can not get enough because I'm so inlove with the game!

Because of this addiction, I decided to create more characters. So two more female brutes has been named after me. I felt satisfied playing nine games in one day compared to three just like before. My Yahoo status always includes a hyperlink for this site. I am promoting this to others just to share the fun.

UPDATE: I can't remember the last time I've played it since I am disappointed with my brute's fate.
Haha. Do your like to check if your brute is worth keeping?

Brutes: Worth-Keeping?!

I don't mean to spoil the fun. You can still play it and challenge my brute as well:

Elizhya Dyna
Maristelle Jade


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