Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If kids are enjoying Pokemon, then grown ups are addicted to Magic: The Gathering (MTG) cards, including me and my boyfriend. Well, majority of the players are males but there are also few females joining tournaments nowadays, around 4% the last City Championship here in the Philippines. And as a newbie, it’s my pride to be on Top 20. I played my boatbrew deck amounting more than Php10,000. So yes, the first thing that you can notice about this game is the prices of cards. I have to admit this is a very expensive hobby. But hell, I am enjoying a lot and as long as I have spare cash, I will not give up this hobby ever. In my nature of work, I am able to support my family and have the time to splurge on my magic cards. The only thing that is not good about this trading card game is the price change. The card prices are not fixed and there are also time that overpricing is an issue. Some cards also depreciate easily much to my dismay. But later on, I learned the techniques for card investment; it is always a win-win situation if you will purchase land cards. So I did.

Playing MTG is like playing mind games. As a player you should know all the rules, especially the basics. This is pretty similar to the card game YU-GI-OH. Though as many people said, MTG is the grand daddy of other card games. Magic duel is composed of two players, you and your opponent whom we called active player and non- active player. It can also be a multiplayer type of game commonly referred as chaos during casual plays... There are also judges during sanctioned tournaments. I like this game because as an intellectual being, it makes me exercise my mind. It is also a way of relaxation.
Even at home, I enjoy playing it with other people. It hones my thinking skills and my strategies.

I always go to work with my magic pouch which is composed of a deck, tokens, dice and other cards. People are amazed to see me getting hooked with this game. And day by day, I am getting better on this one. I have defeated more guy players too. Then one time I had a female opponent, I also won. For me it is not always about winning, it is also finding joy about what you are doing. Playing magic is not always being after the prizes, but also after learning more and sharing it to others. As a magic player, I have met a lot of friends and they are worth-keeping.

For the magic card designs, I can’t help it but admire the artist behind each of them. Rebecca Guay and Richard Fergusson are just my few favorites. The artists are really great. Perfect! The card prints are also worth-collecting. And before I forget, Wizards of the Coast are doing well for recognizing and rewarding the players based on their online record. They had already shipped the latest rewards and I’m excited to receive mine.

More information about the game?


Student Athlete said...

SA here! Nice post, Liz. I've been longing to play the game again pero wala pang panahon at pera :)

Liz said...

Hi SA. Thanks for dropping by. Go go... Let's play magic...

Bryan Inno said...

nice post!! i salute you! hehehe

Liz said...

Thanks! See you sa tourney. LOL. ^_^

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