Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ShoppyBag hits again. I've just posted about ShoppyBag's spam emails on my other blog (Make More Money Online) and now I received another email from them. This time, it's saying that Mary (one of my contacts) tagged a photo of me.

Probably, Mary's contact list has been compromised. To know more about ShoppyBag and it's annoying tactics, read this: Don’t Compromise Your Contact Details with

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I can't sleep yet. I've been busy posting comments in Facebook and blogs about the magnitude 6 earthquake hitting the Philippines at around 1:15AM, July 26, 2011. I confirmed it first through my friends around Metro Manila. Thanks to the most popular social network!

Date/Time : 26 Jul 2011 - 01:15 AM
Location : 15.05ºN,119.89ºE - 13 kms. N 66° W of IBA (ZAMBALES)
Depth of Focus (Km) : 010 (Shallow)
Magnitude (Ms) : 6.2

INTENSITY IV - Clark, Pampanga; Quezon City; Manila City
INTENSITY III - Makati City, Pasig City

So it was just Intensity 3 in Pasig City. I wish I can sleep now even if I can still feel the aftershock.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just received this month's payout!

It's more than the monthly advertising fee so I am happy about it!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

With the most recent Google page rank update, this blog seems to be left out. From PR4, BHO's page rank dropped to PR2. The reason is obvious... there are only few blog updates here since 2011. 27 blog posts in 6 months?! Not so me...
* ▼ 2011 (27)
o ► June (2)
+ Smart Unlimited Calls for Twenty Pesos! (SMARTALK2...
+ June 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse
o ► May (4)
+ Light a Star at The Mind Museum
+ Protect Your Identiy Online!
+ Download Your Friendster Photos Easily
+ Meeting the Bloggers
o ► April (6)
+ Intelligentalkers' Officers 2011
+ The NEW Adgitize Affiliate Links and Image
+ FOREX: Canadian Dollar to US Dollar
+ $22.11 - Adgitize December 2010 Earnings
+ Impulsive Buyer Loves Human♥Nature
+ Five New Dynamic Views for Your Blog
o ► March (4)
+ Score Fun Fab Finds @ Sundance Bazaar
+ Job Scam Alert from Jobstreet
+ Loving Adgitize' Support Team
+ Share Photos with Pixmac!
o ► February (6)
+ Back to Adgitizing...
+ Claim
+ The New Look and Feel of Make More Money Online Pa...
+ Top 5 Earning Sites Video on YouTube
+ $35.70 from PayPerPost
+ Transfer Domain from 1and1 to GoDaddy
o ► January (5)
+ Higher Page Rank After Google's PR Update
+ $15.74 - Adgitize December 2010 Earnings
+ Review Stream Payment - $51.00
+ A Girl Blogger Contest: Free Domain and 1-Year Hos...
+ Compromising My Christmas Bonus
Well, managing more than 20 blogs is not easy and I am now prioritizing my Wordpress self-hosted blogs. But since BHO is my first blog, I still find time to update it once in a while. Most of my posts about making money online can be found @ so feel free to check it out.

I still want to have a higher PR so I will do my best to regain it.

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