Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ShoppyBag Spam Mails!

ShoppyBag hits again. I've just posted about ShoppyBag's spam emails on my other blog (Make More Money Online) and now I received another email from them. This time, it's saying that Mary (one of my contacts) tagged a photo of me.

Probably, Mary's contact list has been compromised. To know more about ShoppyBag and it's annoying tactics, read this: Don’t Compromise Your Contact Details with


analou said...

Never heard of this ShoppyBag before. These days we need to be careful about clicking those links sent to our emails. Many of these links now are being used by hackers to get our infos.

Liz said...

Correct... Just be wary of what you click. If you don't know, don't TOUCH. :)

toto said...

I have a problem with this site too. I hate with this spam email.

Liz said...

Yeah, it keeps spamming different accounts. Spread the word about it so that your contacts won't fall for it.

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