Thursday, June 04, 2009

Most of the paid-to-write sites are not allowing you to post articles that have been published before. This is what makes Associated Content different from them.

It allows you to submit your own articles that you have posted on your blog or on other site as long as your name appears on it.

First, you have to sign up or create an account with them. Once done, you will receive a confirmation through email.
Right there and then you can start publishing. But I strongly suggest to modify your account settings first. Make sure to verify your account, you can either select to receive a text message or receive a call from Associated Content. This way, AC can be sure that they are dealing with existing human beings.

After verification, you can see a check mark on your account meaning, you are eligible to receive payment.

Now, going back to submitting articles. They have Submission of Articles Rules that you have to read. They only accept entries minimum of 400 words except for poetry.

What I love about Associated Content is they are very proactive in providing feedback. When you are a new member, it will take 2-3 days before a content will be published. Once it is rejected, the AC editor will send you email regarding the reason why it has been rejected and what you can do for it to be approved. You can always resubmit your work after doing the necessary edits.

Current PPM is $1.50. They are more specific than Google Adsense. I prefer AC because I understand it more and I can have unlimited earnings as long as more visitors view my articles. Clout Level Increases everytime you reach a certain number or contents and page views. The higher the clout level is, the higher will be your bonus.

If you are a resident of US, consider yourself lucky because they are giving upfront payment. As for me, I am entitled to Display-Only type of payment. Payments are sent through paypal. For more information check this out:
Payment Policy

Here are my sample articles:

Example 1

Example 2

So...double your blog earnings now.
Create an account now!


Jena Isle said...

Liz, the sites says, the content you're looking for is temporarily unavailable.

I write too for AC. Good luck to us.

fedhz said...

Hi, Liz! have you heard about Bukisa? ganun din sya sa Associated Content. ano ba ung PPM? ang shared earnings naman sa Bukisa now is $3.53. join ka na din!

here's my link:

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