Thursday, June 18, 2009

What makes you stay at a certain forum or community? You definitely have one good reason and don’t be surprised with the unanimous answer of my TP friends: good relationship among forum members. Same as yours? *shrug* As expected… LOL.

But why settle to just good relationship when you can have GOOD INCOME at the same time? That is what makes TalkPH superb among the forums I’ve known. You’ve read the blog title and that’s it - Ad Revenue Sharing Forum. Most of my visitors here are TPers, if you’re not one of them sign up first before we proceed to link exchange.

Join TalkPH – Ad Revenue Sharing Forum Now!

Get Started:
To set-up your account, just go to PROFILE>AD REVENUE SHARING.
Make sure you have entered your Google AdSense Client ID (It should be in the form of pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in your profile.

Ad Revenue Sharing Explained
(by TP Admin)

1. How Does our Adshare work?
Ad Revenue is shared between the Administrators, the new Thread Starter and the last replier in a particular thread.
As a new thread starter, there is up to x% chance your Adsense Code will be displayed for each page view. x% depends on your member rank. New members normally gets 5% share and "The Elder" members gets 80% share. The last replier in a particular thread will have a 10% chance that their Adsense Code will be displayed.
This should encourage both new thread posting in addition to participation in other member's threads.

2. How Do I Participate in the Revenue Sharing Program?
First, you will need a Google Adsense account.
After logged-in to, go to your profile page then click on "Ad Revenue Share".
From there, you will simply enter you Google AdSense Client ID (including the beginning "pub-") and optionally a channel ID. Click Save and you are all set!
That's it. Happy Posting, Happy Replying, and Happy Earning!

3. Is my Adsense Code Visible in Source?
You'll never (so long as you're logged in) see your own adsense code. This is to ensure you don't click your own adsense links, as this would Violate the Terms of Service you agreed to. We don't want anyone getting banned from adsense for something so small.

**Must-Read: TIPS on Earning More:

1. Make sure you have entered your Google AdSense Client ID (It should be in the form of pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in your profile.
2. Create a good new thread and your thread must be interesting not spam. Interesting thread will get a chance to be featured at our PORTAL Page a.k.a. HOMEPAGE. This means that your TOPIC will get instant access from visitors and members thus increasing your page impressions! Higher Page Impressions will result to Higher Adsense Earnings.
3. Create interesting title for your thread to invite more visitors to view your thread.
4. Be an active member in this forum.

Well done and good luck!
*Thanks to isl30fvi3w!


Dorothy L said...

Hello...thank you for the very helpful tips and information :)
Bloggers can use all of the hind site and advice they can get:)

Liz said...

Thank you Dorothy. You're blog is nice too. Full of deeper meaning about life.

nathan "d great" said...

Nice blog l_i_z! Thank you too for featuring TalkPh on your blog. More Power to all TPers! TP POWER!

Liz said...

Yay. Si isleofview pala. Yeah, more power to all of us! Thanks for dropping by!

nvtellan said...

Hi L_i_z! We're glad to have you onboard. Keep in touch! :)

Anonymous said...

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