Saturday, September 12, 2009

Netverdix Paid Me!

Alright, my July earnings with them has been processed and now I received my first payment: $2! But before you bat your eyelashes, let me tell you that it is just for a single survery that I really enjoyed answering!
So far, that is my first and only survey from Netverdix because they send online surverys depending on member's profile. It's really fun and financially rewarding. Most of all, it is free to join!

Here's how it works:
You can earn CASH for sharing your opinions, reactions and deepest insights with leading national and global organizations about how to make better products, advertising and messaging decisions. You will also earn drawing tickets for every profile survey you have completed which in turn will give you chance to win in the raffle draw. Prizes range from $50 monthly to $1200 yearly.

Profile Surveys I have answered:

General Profile
Charity Profile
Travel Profile
Leisure and Activities
Media Profile
Vehicle Profile
Personal Finance
Shopping Profile
Health Profile
IT Profile
Technology Profile
Employment Profile
Vehicle Profile

This will help Netverdix determine what survey they shall send me.

And my payment proof:


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