Monday, September 14, 2009

Fond of books and contests? Here is your chance my dearest bloggers! Join Pinay Mommy’s First Book Giveaway! and have a chance to win Blogging from Home by Janette Toral or Find Real Happiness by William Gracian. All the details can be found at Pinay Mommy Online Blog. Please find time to visit her book away sponsor at Blogging from Home. Who knows, you may want a book giveaway sponsor too for your own contest?!

So far, I have joined her site through Google Connect and subscribed via RSS four times and now I am blogging about it. Hehe. 7 entries down!

To increase your chances of winning, you can do additional tasks if you are up to it.
1. Subscribe to her blog using other more than one email address. You will get 1 entry per email address.
2. Stumble any of her posts at the tutorial section (1 entry per stumbled post).
3. Digg any of her posts at the tutorial section (1 entry per dugg post).

Make sure to leave a comment on her book giveaway post to receive credits and validate your entries. Mark your calendar on September 30, 2009 since that would be the draw date. Goodluck to all of us!


momgen said...

Come Iw ill give you a chance I will proclaim the winner few hours from now....

I S said...

Thanks for your info, sist....

sweet_shelo said...

The books are nice giveaways.. I've read it from Ruby.. This is a great contest.. Good luck sis!!!

Pinkville said...

@ I S
You're welcome. Gotta check your site, too!

@ Shelo
Nice to see you here. I wish I can win that book. Haha!

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