Friday, September 04, 2009

It's never been a more important time to take control of your destiny and chart your career path. To help you pursue a new career in IT, move from one job role to another, or help you become indispensable in your existing role, Microsoft wants to help advance your career by providing you discounts on select Microsoft Certification Exams.

Microsoft Certifications are continually evaluated and updated to ensure their relevance in the marketplace. As a result, earning a certification not only helps you stay up-to-speed on the latest developments in Microsoft technologies and platforms, but enables you to demonstrate to employers your on-the-job skills.
- Microsoft

Wow! Big Big Discount! Remember the Vista Certification I've got from them? Yes, I took that exam for free, courtesy of the company I'm working with. But now, there are no offers yet nor upcoming training so I am planning of upgrading my technical skills on my own. This is a very good opportunity for me so I hurriedly check the discounted exams to take a look if there is something that interests me.

Click here to see the the list of available exams and grab your voucher!


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