Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome to Pinkville!

"I do not wish to reach thousand readers, all I want to is touch few hearts and soul.
I do not wish to brag about my life, all I want is to set a good example.
I do not wish to hurt other's feelings, all I want is to tell the truth..."


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Author: Lizzy
Blog Category: Personals (Rants and Raves), Opinions (A woman's point of view), Hobbies
Description: Welcome to Pinkville and get randomized! It is all about my fearless rants, beauty tips, cute collections and the like.
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EddieGarcia said...

There is no doubt that you love the color pink. That's GREAT!! My wife tells me that it takes a real man to wear pink. I don't know about the meaning of "real man" but I do wear pink shirts and I think they are pretty sporty. You go with your pink addiction cause I think it's neat!!!

Friends 4 Life!

Liz said...

^Thanks. Yeah, it's neat. Hehe. Welcome to my pink world my dear friend!

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