Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey guys, here's a new way to earn more points with Adgitize! On my recent post, I've told you that I just signed up with them to be an Advertiser and it gives me a sudden increase on my daily earnings. Here's more: Be a Preferred Publisher!

Simple, check out this rules:

-At Least One Adgitize Ad Group Must be Above the Fold or one Scroll Bar Click below the Fold
-Fast Loading Page
-Landing Page Must be a Blog Page
-Paid Preferred Publishers Earn 25 points Per day
-FREE OPTION Preferred Publishers Earn 10 Points per Day
-You Can Only Have 1 FREE OPTION Preferred Publisher per Member

I selected the FREE Option and you can do the same since there is no expiration for this one. But if you did not meet the 300 click points requirement per 4-day period, your blog won't appear on the preferred publisher list.

If you are interested to add more blogs on the preferred publisher list, you may refer to this payment method:
*One Month ($8)
*Pay Quarterly ($18) - Canceling this payment early you will be refunded unused funds at the monthly rate.
*Monthly Subscription ($7) - You can cancel the subscription at any time.
*FREE OPTION (FREE) (Requires you to score 300 Click Points over each 4 Day Period)

And once again: You Can Only Have 1 FREE OPTION Preferred Publisher per Member

To add your blog on the preferred publisher's list:
Go to the Manage Blogs section of the Members Lounge. Then if you want to create a new Preferred Publisher then choose “Add Preferred Publisher” for one of your blogs. Then follow the simple instructions.

This is a great opportunity for publishers to get exposure in the Adgitize Network.

Not yet a member? Join now!

Again, my first payment proof:


manggIs... said...

Hai Lizz...You're lucky blogger,huh...? I''ve joined with adgitize for 3 months...oh, never mind to talk about fund....very...very...ukh, no I don't want you know it!

Great idea....

Thanks, Lizz...

All About Samarinda

mye said...

hi lizzy - i see you got paid already. i just got mine too!

thanks for visiting me at

just curious - are you really blocking other comments? you only allow those with google accounts

Pinville|Lizzie said...

^ Hi Mye. Thanks for the heads up. I did not realize that this one has a different settings from my other blog. Done with the necessary changes. Thanks. And I would blog about your contest. Haha. Thanks for accepting me as one of the sponsors. I'm currently working with my new layout, too!

Jaja said...

hmm. i'm just wondering if
Preferred Publisher Page Name: is the name of my blog? and
Landing Page URL for Preferred Publisher: is the link of my blog name? or could it be a different link?

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