Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Without further ado, here's the payment proof!

Payment Proof

Payment Proof 2

Wow. Just in time. I thought they will send the August Payment on September 10, 2009 as stated on the forum so I was really impressed to get it in advance.
Excellent job Ken! I will renew my ads with Adgitize, that's for sure.

Adgitize does not only drive traffic to my blog, it also gives me additional earning. Working with them is worth my time, money and effort.
This program is highly recommended! Come on, Adgitize with me! ^_^


Celine said...

Hi Liz, That is great news! I received my first payment from Adgitize as well. =)

I added this blog on my blogroll too. Cheers!

Liz said...

Great Celine. Nice to meet you. Haha.

Keep that BIG LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely get myself an advertiser package. $14 is worth it if you drive traffic to your site AND earn at the same time.

Life must be lived as play said...

congrats i get my 2nd payment.. ill post later..

redamethyst said...

congratulations on your payments. just joined adgitize today. heheh. sana maging okay

Liz said...

Yay. Goodluck to all of us... :)
Keep earning...

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