Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blogging is also being a source of income. We are earning cash from it though we are not dependent on the amount it is generating for us. For it to be possible, we place ads on the site and wait for visitors. Now, there are times that there are only few page visits. Here is how you can increase it.

I would like to introduce EasyHits4u.

First, sign up to:


Once you have completed all the information, you have to confirm it through your email.

You simply click on the link and login on the page with your username and password.

As you sign in, you will be directed to your account. Add the website you want to promote. As of the moment you can add up to 10 websites for free. If you do not have any website to promote, you can enter your referral links and see how your downline grow.

You can then start surfing the sites. You will have two options, the 2:1 ratio or the 1:1 ration. I always select the 2:1 ration because it offers me more bonuses and I can earn more from easyhits4u. But if you want to have more page hits, opt for 1:1 ration so that more visitors will be directed to your home page.

On your accounts stats, you can also adjust or assign credits or the page hits ratio between your easyhits4u account and your websites. You can also transfer credits.

For more information, check the FAQ page or contact them.

With easyhits4u you can have 1:1 traffic exchange ratio plus earn extra cash per 1000 sites surfed and through referral.


pnhrms said...

Nice!! i'll register here under you. keep up the good work and more power.

Liz said...

Thanks. You can also use easyhits for you to have more referrals. Watch your downline grow!
You may also try reviewstream. My first earning is $58.4 from them! ^_^

Caliente Mamma said...

thanks so much for this site sis! it will definitely help me out. i have only 2-3 hits. :(

redamethyst said...

Hi congratulations on your payment with easyhits4u. I am still trying to build my balance here. heheh. I added you on my list. take care.

Sorin said...

Easy hits 4 u is the best site.I delete acoount at all site i make money only this site Don't lose ur time with scam site make money this EasyHits4U is the best site

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