Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I’m missing my Ixi real bad. If you are wondering what an Ixi is, maybe you have not been to neopets.com yet. My last login on that site is days ago. I have to retrieve my password prior to that because it has been a long time since I last played. I go back there and tried navigating through the site again. There are really lots of improvement which makes me more excited to play this game again. Everything is in flash now and there are plenty of games to choose from. Neopia is a well-developed world now. More maps have been added and I can’t help but explore them one by one. This site is really for child at heart like me.

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My first stop is at the Jelly World where I can get jellies for free. If I am lucky, that would be enough to feed my pet. My Ixi is choosy with food, sometime it doesn’t like to eat the free foods. It is very funny how neopets act like this. There are more freebies that I look for every time I sign in. I always dropped by the Tombola, Coltzan’s Shrine, Giant Omelet and Fish Pond. As a Level twenty-four player, I’ve been through several Quests and Games. I just gained one level as of this writing. I got it from Scratch card Kiosk. I enjoy the risk of this game so I think those who are good to bet will also enjoy this game. I am just saddened by the fact that I can only get one scratch card per six hours. I am really hooked with this game of luck so I really wish we can have unlimited cards here.

To ensure that my Ixi has been taken care of, I always leave him at the Inn for twenty eight days. Unfortunately, he has been dying for the past year. My bad. The good thing is, faeries can still heal the pets and can give you free potions. I went to the faerie land and after restoring my pet back to health, I begin exploring the market for my store. It is my way of earning neopoints. I checked out Neopian Bazaar and Neopian Plaza for items that I can purchase. It is the same place where you can see the Neolodge. My favorite shop is the Chocolate Factory because it is full of affordable sweets. You can also haggle with the storekeeper but make it reasonable and quick so that other buyer won’t get the items instead of you. I am a hard core buyer and I am good at haggling. I also make sure that I drop by the at the Neopian Bank to get my account interest. For me this site is like living in this real world. I am just role playing my character through the use of my neopet. I have a lot of good things to say about neopets.com. Thanks to Louie who introduced this game to me six years ago…


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