Friday, June 26, 2009

Gear up with your creative juices now! If you're not a part of this Ad Revenue Sharing Forum yet, then it's about time. Sign Up Here...

Why join TalkPH.Net?
- It's a Filipino Community with friendly members
- It's an Ad Revenue Sharing Forum so you can maximize your Adsense Earning
- It's a very informative site about income opportunities, online or offline
- It's a fun, cool and rewarding forum

Why join now?
- Take a plunge while the offer is hot!
This Banner Making Contest gives you a chance to win TalkPH Currencies.

1. Open to all talkers/talkphers gifted with artistic talents regarding image-editing, photoshop, etc capabilities.
2. The Banner must have the word 'TalkPh' or ''.
3. Maximum Size allowed: 750 x 120
4. Theme: Promoting the TalkPh community where camaraderie, unity and brotherhood lingers. 5. Winners will be chosen according to votes by members and staffs.
6. Entries should have a Philippine flag or some Philippine touch to it

First Prize: 10,000 TC
Second Prize: 8,000 TC
Third Prize: 6,000 TC
Runner Ups: 3,000 TC each (4 winners)
Consolation Prizes: 500 TC

There are lots of rewards/perks for members right now and more to come this Christmas Season.

For more information about TalkPH.Net and Ad Revenue Sharing, see my related post here...

And here's my banner entry:

Not so impressive, but hey, I'm the first one to submit (as far as I know). So?

I just made it from a scratch:

Which resulted to another scratch, don't you think? Nah, I love my work, so I'll vote for it. :P


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