Monday, June 29, 2009

After my first payment from RS I wasn't able to write new reviews since I've been busy with my other online addiction - and blogging.

This time, I'll be back to writing reviews again but it does not mean that I'll be inactive on the forums.

Here are the detailed steps (Let's write reviews together!)... as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Go to and click on Write Review link to get started. You may also use this direct link:

If you are kind enough and want to help me earn more you may use my referral link instead: RS Referral Link

Thank you. :P

2. Fill up the required fields. Here in Review Stream, you don't have to create an account or sign up for them. They track reviews through email address in their control panel.
(RS NOTE: You can use either your real name or penname.
If you're writing the review the first time, please check if your desired penname is available.)

Desired Penname: Your Choice
Penname: Same as above
Your Email: Email Registered for Paypal
Review Title: Title of Your Review - this should be the specific name of the product or service
Category: Select the category from the Drop Down List. Review Stream has high approval rates for Cosmetics, Electronics, Medicine and Travel Reviews. But then again, you can review everything here!
Location: This is required for reviews about restaurant and shopping.

Your Review: Make sure that your review is composed of 250 words or more. Reviews that are too short are automatically rejected.
Your Rating: Rate your review from 1 - 10. 1 = Worse, 10 = Excellent.
Contact Details: This is optional.
a. It is a must to agree with Terms and Conditions.
b. Certify that it is an original review. Plagiarism is a CRIME, self-plagiarizing is not an exemption. RS will terminate your account if you violate this very important rule.
c. You may opt for bulk rate if you feel that the review is not well-written. But I suggest to leave it unchecked since you can resubmit rejected reviews if you are ready to get paid in bulk.
Bulk rate is equal to $0.40 per review.

3. Click "Submit" after proof-reading your review.
It usually takes 72 hours to receive feedback from Review Stream. They have a new system now. Unlike before that they send email notifications, they will just update you through their control panel. It looks like this:

To access the control panel, click here..

Just enter your email address and you can see your review status. If you don't have any approved review yet, you will get this message:

We have no such account name in our system yet.
It will be created for you on the first review selling/buying.

It is very easy to reach the minimum payout of $50! Review Stream sends their payment through paypal and they do it really QUICK.


It's me Tey! said...

I am so inspired by you.. galing talaga!

Liz said...

Awww. I'm touched. Thanks Liz. Goodluck sa ating lahat. ^_^

Zaid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zaid said... have shown me a good earning opportunity here..thanks mate

whitewave said...

Hi there, I'm inspired. I need to earn some extra cash. My bills won't stop coming and I have to pay them all. I try the link you've provided and see if I can make some money on that site. By the way, can you show me how you did your blog please? I'm new to blogging.

Liz said...

Keep on earning everyone!

Gene said...

You made it sound so easy so I am giving it a shot. Submitted my first review under your referral. I hope it gets approved though. Thank you for such an informative post.

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