Friday, August 14, 2009

It took me so long to sign up at adgitize much more to post this blog entry. Why? What makes me hesitant of signing up for free and directing more traffic to my blog? Simply because I am too afraid to violate any TOS of my advertisers, primarily Google Adsense.

After doing thorough research and randomized "interview" through shoutmix, I found out that there's no conflict between Adgitize and Adsense. (And you may also include Entrecard). Elai answered most of my questions including the basic ones. She's been using Adgitize and Adsense for almost 2 years without conflict on payment and PR. So there, I give it a try.

To be a part of Adgitize Network, you have to sign up first and install the adgitize widget on your blog. You can then enjoy the publisher's benefits!

Bloggers - 7 Reasons You Should Adgitize Your Blog

* Advertisers Can Reach Thousands of Potential Visitors Daily
* Advertisers Pay One Low Monthly Fee
* Affiliate Network Helps You Earn On-Going Income
* Publisher Network Produces a Monthly Cash Revenue Stream
* Bloggers Like You Increase Their Daily Traffic
* Advertisers Get Cash Rebates
* Spend Your Time Blogging and Let Adgitize Send You Traffic

After signing up, click on GET CODE and copy/paste it on your blog template. Easy!

1. Make sure to add the RSS feed of your blog.
For blogspot, here's the syntax: http://*insertnamehere*
So mine would be:
This gives you automatic 100 points per day for every new blog post.

2. Make sure to update your profile with your PAYPAL email address to receive payment.

3. Make sure to click at least 5 ads in the Adgitize Network to keep earning points. As a publisher the maximum you can earn is 100 click points.

For two days of trying to figure out how adgitize works, I then learned how to navigate their control panel. And guess what, there's a sudden increase on the number of my unique visitors. Check the graphical presentation below: (courtesy of TopBlogs.Ph)

Adgitize with Me!!!


Anonymous said...

ooh. this is so helpful sis! good thing you posted about it. i also have adgitize but didn't know i had to add my rss feed. :) thanks again!

manggIs... said...

That's good idea for joint with adgitize...I'm a new member like as you...

Adgitize for me is a PAID BLOGGING, isn't it...?


burn078 said...

I often read this word Adgitize but I haven't tried it. Is this really gives you some money?

Liz said...

Hi, burn078!
It's my first time there so its not easy to tell. You can check this blog from time to time coz i always update it with my earnings, observations and testimonials. Thanks everyone!

burn078 said...

thanks for giving me an info about this. I am so curious to learn about adgitize. I visited their website and now I am one of their members... hehehe.. neophyte pa jud ta ani

burn078 said...

are we going to click the banner of adgitize? if you got 100 points, how much you will earn for this?

liezl_7m5 said...

Hi burn!

Yup, you have to click on the adgitize banner but you have to make sure that you're logged in to your adgitize account so every click will be reflected. I made a research and it shows only rough estimate. I dont want to give exact numbers yet. I have made my own calculations and have to prove it first. I will let you know about the result.

Marice said...

wow nice tips sis! question btw, u can click on the adgitize posted on your blog? it wont violate anything? because as for adsense, u cannot click the ads on your blogs right?

thanks for answering :)

cornyman said...

Hi Liz,

i can give you some numbers since i'm member from April 09 on and just yesterday i got my third payment (28$), yippy! Adgitize paid me already over 84 $ since April 09 (but you have to deduct the 14$ advertisement since June which means until end of August i spent 42$ for the ads, in return i got over 2.000 visitors/month!).

Now the numbers:

less than 100 points - 1 cent
less than 200 points - 2-3 cents
less than 300 points - 8 - 25 cents
less than 400 points - 30 - 50 cents
less than 500 points - 50 - 75 cents
more than 500 points - 60 - 80 cents

How to achieve the amount of 25 cents (between 200 to 300 points)

Read the answer on my The One Minute Guide - How to maximize your Adgitize earnings!

Have a great time and follow this guide to earn like me!

redamethyst said...

wow, thanks for posting this. just registered sa adgitize yesterday.

Pinkville:Lizze said...

@ cornyman
Thanks so much for that update. With my 1 month with ADGITIZE, I was able to figure it out. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for all the information.

@ Marice
It's ok to click on the adgitize ads on your blog because its like BLOGHOPPING through entrecard. :) It't not a payperclick basis on each ads.

Marice said...

thanks sis.. im still trying to unserstand how it work and the entrecard as well.. still confused on some..

like on entrecard, what should i do on the list on my widget box that shows on my dashboard?

i guess i need to do a lot of more research pa..

Bachrum @ Online Business Solutions said...


That was nice information for the blogspot rss address.


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You always giving the complete information regarding the Adgitize. Really appreciate it.

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