Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Makeover!

I need one! I am wondering if there will be someone to sponsor my new blog template. If there is, just let me know. I will have your badge displayed on my blog as long as I am using your template and I will also link your site through my blog roll. Plus, I will have your site featured on my blog. How's that?

Random things about me that can give you an idea for a template proposal:

1. I love pink but I love green even more. The apple green.
2. I love tulips very much.
3. I love cute stuff toys.

I want a really simple template. Simple yet elegant.
Thank you in advance..

My Contact Details:


Sassychick said...

Hey girl...there are so many fabulous yet free blog templates you can get just have to do a little tweaking with codes (HTML/XML) to make it work for your blog...

Liz said...

Yeah I know. ^_^ I just want to post it and so far I'm receiving emails from interested sponsors. Thanks for the visit.

dollarbux said...

hello i know that is difficult to find a new template but this template is famous with change an other.


hello girl ... i think your choice is not bad, and thats template is good to see...maybe you can try use template blogger with 3 coulumn,it more better i think...are you???

KAROLINA said...

Your blog is very good, I guess just stay waiting the results, and your request is very good I will try to give to you do not forget to visit my blog also to all of ya ... give comments to my blog progress because I am new to the blog. thanks friend

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