Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trend Micro officially released their 2010 products yesterday:

TIS Pro: Smart Security for Total Online Safety
TIS Standard: Smart Protection for your Home Network
TAV + ASPY : Smart Defense against Viruses and Spyware

Trend Micro: US Products

Trend Micro: APAC Products

Check the Product Comparison Chart to know the best product suited for your needs.

Congratulations to the successful program launching!


riezen said...

That was really fast i do love Tren Micro Or the PCcillin i am using it since last year and it help me a lot specially you can lock some website for children security

Zaid Fuddin said...

im using bitdefender.. it works great for me and protects my computer well. its also cheap for $30 for 3 pc license

Fracker said...

Trendmicro products are much expensive then other market products, this take trendmicro way back in the ranking. Otherwise they produce quality products, and their R&D is much advance as compare to Norton or McAfee.

I am exciting about their new products will evaluate their new antivirus. Since this is my profession. :)

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