Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calling all Pinoy bloggers, check this out!
Cool, right?

Welcome to this new blog listing!
Join now by posting a comment

Follow this format (quoted from the blog itself):

Blog Title: ang title ng iyong blog

Blog URL: ang URL ng iyong blog

Author: ikaw, ang author ng iyong blog, maaaring gumamit ng screen name.

Blog Category: ang kategorya ng iyong blog (e.g. Travel, Photo, Just About Anything, Food, Entertainment, Beauty, etc.)

Description: isang maliit na deskripsyon tungkol sa iyong blog (max 100 na salita).

Then link back this site to your own blog - (,") BLOGS NG PINOY (",)

Sooo simple!

For Non-Pinoy Bloggers/ Other Advertisers

Non-pinoy bloggers are also welcome to exchange links with (,") BLOGS NG PINOY (",). After making sure that (,") BLOGS NG PINOY (",) is already linked within your blogsite, leave a comment in this post with your URL and your link will then be posted on the "Other Blogs" page.

DON'T Forget to Rate my blogs! I have submitted two. Thanks and enjoy!

Blog URL:
Author: Lizzy
Blog Category: Homebased-Jobs, SEO, Online Income
Description: Simple site with tips and tricks to maximizing online income. It has how-to articles for begginers. It also includes random stuff and interesting quizzes.

Blog URL:
Author: Lizzy
Blog Category: Personals (Rants and Raves), Opinions (A woman's point of view), Hobbies
Description: Welcome to Pinkville and get randomized! It is all about my fearless rants, beauty tips, cute collections and the like.

Note: Works better with IE than Firefox. :P


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