Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who doesn't want to get cosmotized?! Not me. Okay, this is really a late post of mine since I bought my own copy last August 3. Well, purchasing my August copy is like a Faerie Quest for me. Haha. Why not, I am raiding all the magazine stands and book shops as early as July 31 to no success. Come August 1 I continued the search and on August 3 it was finally over. Got this copy from Filbars at Robinson Galleria. The possible reasons of late issue release just dawned to me after checking my phone calendar. Yeah, yeah, August 1 and 2 are weekends so stores and publishers would rather have it officially released on the first Monday of this month. Just a thought. It doesn't matter that much to me anyway.

So, what are the good deals with this month's issue?
Oops, I mean who's HOT this season... None other than - the sexiest stars!
Yup, Cristine Reyes!

And what's cool?
Aside from the monthly freebies, August issue allows you to take advantage of the 1-day free pass to Fitness First. Come on, it's about time to visit the gym. :)

Wow, look how much you've got and how much you've saved by just buying this P125 magazine! It's really worth it.


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