Thursday, December 31, 2009

One month has swiftly passed and I am thankful to all the supporters of my first contest. As of this writing, I have an overwhelming 545 total number of entries! As a recap of grand prizes:

First Prize:
$50 + 31 000 ECs + A Pair of Earrings + $60 Customized Product + $15 Professional Logo + Special Gifts + AD Spaces
Second Prize:
$30 + 24 500 ECs + Pair of Earrings + AD Spaces
Third Prize:
$20 + 20 500 ECs + AD Spaces

Best Reviewer: $35 + 58 000 ECs + Special Gift + AD Spaces + Blog Review

I would like to make the FIRST Draw for these consolation prizes:

An early big bang for New Year's Eve! Since this is not the main draw, instead of having 545 entries, I just make it one entry per participant to even out the chances. And the winner is...

Congratulations Marice!!!

What's more? Gain more entries by doing these tasks:

- Add Spread The W.O.R.D! on your blogroll - 1PT
- Review Spread The W.O.R.D! on your blog - 2PTS
- Review Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone - 2PTS
- Review Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed - 2PTS

Don't forget that to be the BEST REVIEWER, you must have the highest review points. Have you reviewed all of these sites? Double check:

Note: On the grand draw, all of your entries will be counted so the more points you have, the more chances of winning!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Living Life To The Fullest's header said it all. Levy is a mom of 2 and is married to a lucky guy named Noel. They just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary last December 12. Wow, it's so nice to witness successful relationship!

Levy's blog is all about her experiences in life, thoughts, and interests. She consistently takes part on Mommy Moments and Girls Talk. She is also into online jobs and you can see the payment proof of her trusted earning sites on her blog. Just like me, she earns extra dollars from Adgitize and Mylot. Other paying sites she is working with are Donkey Mails, Neobux and Trekpay.

Most of her posts are about life thoughts, amazing people, contests, and entertainment. I really had a good time browsing through funny signs! And I personally like the blog's layout not just because it's green (my favorite color) but also because it is so organized and easy to navigate. There are no clutters even on the side bar and each widget is properly placed. You can even find helpful tidbits of info by checking her "Did You Know?" category.

You can also join her in her journey of living life to the fullest by giving her a visit.

And to quote her words to live by:

Whatever happens in life we should always remember to live life to the fullest...

She is definitely right! Life is too short so we have to make the most out of it. Keep smiling!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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You can also get hold of helpful SEO information, list of advertising sites, and divulged traffic myths by navigating through out the website.

Monday, December 28, 2009, as the name implies, allows you to personalize gifts depending on your preference. Some of the items that you can customize or personalize are lighters, watches, clocks, dog tags, jigsaw puzzles, camera and pencil cases, mousepads and bottle openers.

If I am to select an item to personalize, my first pick would be a watch and next would be a lighter. But hey, the heart charm watch looks hot and I'd love to have it as a birthday present!

Avail 25% off your entire order after submitting your own custom watch design. Their watches are made of high quality stainless steel and high quality engravings, specifically the Citizen brand. You can visit custom watch gallery to view sample designs. Cool zodiacs are available! You can even upload your own picture for it to appear on your watch!

Aside from the lovely watch that captures my heart already, I'd love to have a lighter, too! I don't smoke but I collect lighters and having a customized lighter is so cool, at least for me. For the month of December, all lighters are 25% off so you can have yours for only $15! Lighters from CustomizedLife are of high quality metal chrome and are finished with a crystal clear enamel coating to protect your picture from fading. Check out their pre made lighters and be amazed with unique art works.

If you wish to see more of the customizable items, just go to for guaranteed personalized gifts or great accessories.

More! Get a chance to win worth $60 products from them by joining BHO's First Contest!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all of you! Though I wonder if there will be people around the corner this Christmas day... probably they're all busy!
Thank you to all of my followers, visitors, entrecard droppers, adgitizers and online friends! I appreciate every single visit, every EC drop, every tag and every click from you. Thanks for reading my post and giving your valuable comments.

Most of all, thank you to everyone who participated in my Birthday Contest. I know this would not be enough, but let the LINKY LOVE below served as my Christmas gift. Best of luck to all of the participants! (Contest is still open until January 23, 2010 - 11:59PM PST)

Mommy E
Chill Ritz
Mary Narvasa
Mary Narvasa2
Mary Narvasa3
Mary Narvasa4
Mary Narvasa5
Bunch Cup
Femme Power
Contest Geek
Ms. Marie
Ms. Marie2
Princess Sarah

And to those who will visit me from Dec 25, 2009 to January 1, 2010; you can leave your marks here through MckLinky! I promise to visit you back...

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When I first came across the BIG LOVE blog, the post about emotional cheating really caught my attention. I can relate to her sentiments and I believe every girl has her own story to share. From then on, I bookmarked her page and pay a regular visit. BIG LOVE is so close to my heart because it's all ABOUT LOVE! I also enjoy answering surveys from her (relationships meme, love/hate meme) with or without her permission. Just kidding. I see to it that I always leave a comment before grabbing them.

Here's one of the cute images from her blog... Sorry, I can't get over that "Emotional Cheating" post. Haha. It just reminds me of something and one very important lesson in life: TRUST.

Soooo kawaiii!

Celine is a sweet girl and reading her posts is so uplifting. It includes the excitement of being in love, the downside of having conflicting schedules, the right mindset for different challenges in life, and more. The soft pink layout projects an upbeat yet simple personality. It's nice talking with Celine and even though we just do it through comments on blogs or through the tag board, I still find her sensible. Give her a visit to experience the BIG LOVE!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good good night wooh hoo" (x4)

The Beauty Bin gave me an opportunity to experience free TCA peeling through 6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center and with my recent treatment, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude and full satisfaction to both of them.


It all started with a blog contest, then announcing of winners, then scheduling of my TCA Peeling session. Since I am not familiar with Makati area, I had my bf accompany me there. (6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center is located at 14F Medical Plaza Makati, Amorsolo Cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.)

I have no idea of what TCA peeling is. But by browsing through the 6F website I found out that it is a chemical peel usually applied to help control oil production, lighten hyper pigmentation and even out skin color.

When I first spoke with Jovie to specify my preferred schedule, the first thing I asked is how long will the process take. She said probably an hour.

I was 30 minutes late behind my schedule so I have to wait for my turn since there was an ongoing session when I arrived. Karen is the chief nurse who took charge of my back TCA peel. It was my first time and the tingling and stinging sensation was initially tolerable. But after few minutes, the stings seem to be stronger and I can feel discomforts and itchiness, which was perfectly normal according to her and the endpoint of this treatment would be the strongest stinging sensation. Oh, okay, I got it coz I FELT it.

I can say that everyone at 6F are welcoming and friendly. I will just update you guys about the result of my TCA peel since it usually takes 2 weeks to complete the peeling process.

I'm so excited to a more gorgeous me. Just a little makeover and my 2010 will be great! Yahoo, there will be a party!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maybe, I'm just so blessed to win more prizes from different contests! Look what I've got this time:

Another book won from the Virtual Book Tour of "A Puppy, Not a Guppy!"

Thanks to Jena Isle's Random Thoughts and to Holly Jahangiri's Imaginary Friends for having these back-to-back contests!

Yes, I love reading and I'm so excited to touch hold those books.

And because I love to read and write, my officemate gave me a COSMO magazine as a gift for our "Kris Kringle: Something That Reminds Me Of You". Haha. I already bought one this early December but I'd love to keep this second copy as a remembrance:

The Christmas notes reads:

To Lizzy,

You can't love to write without loving to read...
This is something that reminds me of you.

Fr: Papa Bear

It pays to be a reader... You tend to write well...

I have posted my Christmas Wishlist last month but for some reason (that I have to disclose at the end of this post), I have to go through it over and over again to make it 5. Haha. Yeah, I've got only three and I think I have to add some more.

Updating my wishlist:
1. Laptop
2. Ladies' Bag
3. Magic Cards
4. Stiletto
5. Teddy Bear

These pictures should speak everything for me but since they are not as precise as I want them to be (at least for the appearance) I have to add few more words.

I am an online geek so having a LAPTOP can greatly help to accomplish my online responsibilities such as updating my blogs, browsing forum updates, checking the trend in stock market (yes, I invested with stocks), chatting with friends and emailing others. My desktop need an upgrade plus, a laptop is obviously more handy and I can even have free internet access at the coffee shops such as Starbucks. I can actually hit the malls and search for hot spot and take advantage of the free wi-fi zone but I will be needing a decent pair of pink STILETTOs and a branded LADIES' BAG. Yes, I want to flaunt what I've got and what I'll have that's why I am wishing for more. Who knows, they can be granted in an instant! Magic and pure luck could play their parts... What do the cards and stars say about me? I have no idea for I can't read crystal balls nor chant magic spells. But behold! I can play MAGIC CARD. It holds the 3rd slot for my wishlist because I am so addicted to that trading card game. Such an expensive hobby but I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from it. Winning each tournament match is so fulfilling that's why I am in dire need of Baneslayer Angel. But even though I won't get one due to limited supply in the Philippine market, I'd be happy to get a supersized TEDDY BEAR. I want bear hugs for real and I want a teddy bear that will hug me, not the other way around. Haha.

How many items do you have in your wishlist? Make it 5 and join the Christmas Wishlist Contest!

That's the exact reason why I redefined mine. Cheers!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I have been with Entrecard for so long but this would be my first time to post about my beloved EC droppers. Most bloggers usually post it at the end of each month but since I only got time today, let me give credits to my consistent visitors. And from now on, my TOP 5 droppers will have a precious space on my left side bar. I am planning to update the widget on a weekly basis, hopefully it can meet my blogging schedule. If not, the most would be monthly.


Thanks to everyone who followed this blog, visited and EC-dropped! I wish you all the best and I will always return the favor! Cheers!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

There are really lots of things to be thankful about. I feel that I am very blessed in every aspect of my life that with or without this Thanksgiving contest I will still make my own “Thank You” Post.

To start with, I am really thankful that my family is always there for me. Nothing has changed, though I am away from them, the consistent love and care make me feel more treasured.

Second, I am thankful because I have a promising career. This is a very challenging year for me in terms of work and health related issues. Nevertheless, with God’s guidance, I survived.

Third, I’m thankful for my fantastic lovelife! This is for real and I am seeing my man as the perfect husband-to-be. We are in a 27-month-and-still-counting relationship and I am so happy about it. My boyfriend is truly a God’s gift for me. Heaven sent, even when we first met. *uber kilig*

Fourth, I’m thankful for having close and real friends. My bestfriend still communicates with me and we have exciting plans of meeting up. My colleagues from previous company keep in touch to nurture the friendship, much more to discuss things in a business perspective.

Lastly, I am thankful because God makes me like this – strong, witty and pretty. There is only one Lizzy in the world and I am celebrating my uniqueness. Through continuous personal development, I was able to cope with life’s challenges and I am ready to face the year 2010 with open arms and a thankful heart. I’m glad because things turn out the way they should be through my faith.

List your never-ending “thank you” to join the Thanksgiving Contest.

Thanksgiving Contest
1st Prize
1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
1 Year dot com Domain chosen by the winner – Trends Zone
Personalized Template* – Random Thoughts of a WAHM
Site Button / Badge – All About Elizabeth
Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions
$10 Paypal Funds – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
$5 Paypal Funds – IT Mommy Info
1 year Featured link – bloghitlist
4000 EC – Dothy's World
2000 EC – The Mommy Journey
2000 EC - Her and History
1000 EC – Our Adventure Together
1000 EC – Thoughts and Obsessions
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2nd Prize
1 Year Free Hosting – Rubz Online
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3rd Prize
Site Badge Button – All About Elizabeth
Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions
1 year Featured link- bloghitlist
$5 - Crayons and Pencil
$5 – Niko’s Blog
1000 EC – Inspirational Insights
1000 EC – Me, Myself and Jes
1000 EC – Princess Ishi
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125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR1) – Yam’s File
125×125 ad space for 1 month – Travelin’ With Marie

How To Join:

1. Write a post about the blessings you receive from God in the year 2009 and include the sponsor's list.
2. Add on your list. (1 entry)
3. Subscribe to the blog’s RSS by email and don’t forget to verify. (1 entry)
4. Follow Online Mommy's Corner using Google Friend Connect. (1 entry).
5. Register to for Reciprocal link. ( 1 entry).
6. Post the badge of this contest on the side bar of your site (1 entry per blog).
7. Leave a comment on the contest post containing the tasks you accomplished.

Contest will end on December 31. The winners will be announced on January 7, 2010.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

GoDaddy is on sale! Thanks to my TP friends namely Yuuki and Sam! Because of them, a new blog is born: Spread the W.O.R.D! a.k.a.!

Here's the current pricing at GoDaddy:

There's more! Use a promo code to purchase domain for only $1.17 for the first year! Grab it while it's hot! Their prices are way cheaper than others so renewing won't be an issue in the years to come. I would like to shortened Bloguardian Hellsite: OVERCASHED's url but I'm too afraid to lose my current stats so I decided to create a new blog. But I might still change my mind in the near future. What do you suggest? I need some enlightenment my dears...

Setting up my custom domain is a bit challenging for a beginner like me. But I am thankful with the help I've received from my online friends. My first post at is entitled "Naked Domain?" and I took few words from it:

1. Login to GoDaddy to manage your domain. Make sure to select "I want to PARK my domains" upon sign-in.

2. Click your domain to go to the dashboard. Click Nameservers. Click "Manage" below Total DNS/MX. Under CNAME (Aliases), check www and click modify icon. Change "@" to Leave other settings as it is. Click OK and wait few minutes for the changes to take effect.

3. Login to your blogger account. On your dashboard, click SETTINGS on the blog you would like to modify then go to the PUBLISHING TAB. Click on "Custom Domain".

4. Click "Switch to Advance Settings:.

5. Enter your new domain! Save settings and you're all done!

Since I was not able to take screen shots of GoDaddy's configuration, I will just link Girl Blogger's tutorial here. Hope it helps!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I would like to thank everyone who congratulates me for every contest I've won and for every earning I've posted.

I also appreciate your comments and due to insistent public demand, I am sharing some ODESK tips.

The most important: BE PATIENT!

And here are my personal ODESK tips:

1. Focus on quality not quantity in terms of job application.
This is not being pessimistic, but if you think you're not likely the best candidate for that job opening, shrug it off and apply to a different one instead. (Especially that you have a job quota.)

2. Personalize your cover letter and be professional. Address the needs and required skills listed. Sending the same cover letter over and over again is not so impressive. Yes, you can have a cover letter template but make sure it suits the job you are applying for. I am not a fan of generic greeting/openings either. I make sure to check the main page of job posting to at least get the name of the client so that I can address him/her properly with:

Hi {insert FIRST NAME here}
Dear {Salutation (Mr/Ms) insert LAST NAME here}

3. Update your ODESK profile and market yourself.

4. Take Odesk TESTS. (Though, I did not take any aside from the readiness examination.)

5. Only apply to jobs posted by verified buyer. Though unverified ones still pay, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings from them unless they verify their account. Otherwise, ODESK will hold the paid amount.

6. Set up your job alerts. It's good to be updated about latest job posting. Plus, it pays to apply early! One of the common reason I get when I did not get the job is: "All Positions Filled". No matter how qualified you are in a certain job, your chances become limited if you're one of the few late applicants. Most buyers interview applicants based on the date of application.

7. Do your best on every job once you get it. Aside from getting good feedback, the buyer can add you to their favorites. I have been FAVORITEd once (on my profile) but I have 3 consistent clients who always email me once they have a new job opening. Of course when people are satisfied with your work, they will be the one to look for you. ^_^

If you want to be an ODESK provider, sign up now!!! Buyers can use the same link to sign up!

My current ODESK Profile:

Visit the Learning Center and be guided by experts' advice.

Check out ODESK Essentials for a quick overview of what you need to know.

That would be it for now! 'Til next time!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I did not expect this one! Oh yes, I've won an autographed copy of "A Puppy, Not a Guppy" by Holly Jahangiri! I learned about this BOOK TOUR from Jena Isle's Random Thoughts, (Yes, that link below my contest banner!) and without having second thoughts, I joined both contest - hers and the one at the author's site.

I wonder if some of you dropped by on their sites... if not, you've probably missed my comments and Holly's engaging replies. I would like to share it here, read on:

My comment on Book Tour: A Red Carpet for “A Puppy, Not a Guppy":

I have learned a lot from this book tour starting from the author, the book itself, the characters and the moral lesson. I have read “The Little Prince” and if Jena compared “A Puppy, Not a Guppy” to it, saying that it encompassed the former's theme, then definitely it’s also worth reading because of its superb quality. Facts and humor are main elements of the story (based on the excerpt I’ve read) and it will definitely catch the hearts of many as it did to me. I am a kid at heart and this one will surely be a good read not to mention that it also suits the adult’s thinking brain. Say, this book will be a wake up call to parents who do not allow their kids to have a puppy. Hehe.

I have also posted my comments on Holly Jahangiri's Imaginary Friends. Please find time to read our interesting conversation... (at least to those kids at heart...)

Irma’s character seems to be full of emotions, by any chance, have you felt the same when you were still a kid? By then, have you ever imagined yourself writing a book such as this one?

Absolutely! I’m pretty sure I wanted a unicorn, and I’m pretty sure my parents said, “No!” Actually, I did get to have a cat and two dogs when I was a kid, and I had a Java dove when I was a teenager, but my parents weren’t especially EAGER to add these members of the household, as I recall. (We all grew to love them, of course.) But I can certainly relate and remember the emotions – working up the nerve to ask, the bitter disappointment of “No” – the willingness to compromise…

Actually, now that you remind me, there WAS an incident when I was a kid that sort of inspired this (and I’m sure my dad’s going to read this and raise an eyebrow, but he probably figured it out ages ago, and I’m 46 now so he can’t exactly turn me over his knee)… I wanted this little white mouse in the worst way. Bought it with my own money for maybe a couple of dollars. THEN thought to ask if it was okay. “No.” Whoops. Well, um, hm. I hid that mouse for days, and should’ve named him Houdini for all the times he escaped (turns out a dresser drawer isn’t the most secure rodent habitat) but always managed to catch him again. Carried him around in an otherwise empty purse. Finally put a friend of mine up to playing the role of Jimmy – gave him the mouse in a Play-Doh container and had him bring it by and ask if I could keep it, because he wasn’t allowed to. And at that point, my parents sort of reluctantly said, “Fine, okay.” Houdini finally escaped – for the last time – from a cage suspended from the basement ceiling. We figure he survived (and enjoyed what was left of his mousy little life), because we kept trapping all these speckled brown and white mice…


Haha. Your childhood story made my day. I am laughing for real. I haven’t imagine any mouse to be an ideal pet. Maybe the one at Ratatouille(did I spell it right), that mouse chef will do! I am lucky that my parents allow us to take care any domesticated animals of some sort. I have had a rabbit, parrot, cats, dogs, hamsters, and guinea pigs. When I was a kid, I remember taking care of little turtles! Oh well, I don’t want to be nostalgic but yeah, I miss being a kid. Haha. Right now, what I have are stuffed toys in the forms of teddy bear, bunny and turtle. I had fun reading your post. ^_^

Here's more...

If you are not to write books about kids and for the kids, what would it be? Why?

That’s an interesting question, liezl, considering that until I wrote Trockle, most of my stories were for adults and older teens. Most of my “published books” are technical manuals, and I’ve written many freelance non-fiction articles for publication. My poetry isn’t written with any particular age group in mind – some of it is silly, some of it is serious, some is inspirational (some more perspirational). But I love writing for kids, mainly because I can let my imagination play like children do, and because I think it’s so important to encourage reading fluency and a love of books from an early age. I think books that have a “message” or a “moral” are great (and as it turns out, this one has several), but no child should be smacked in the face with that – it should just be a natural conclusion from a good story. Reviewers have hinted at the messages in A Puppy, Not a Guppy, but I didn’t sit down with the intention of teaching a lesson; in fact, my characters simply showed me lessons they learned. MY intention was primarily to entertain kids.

It's not too late to know more about the author and her works... just give her a visit! Or better yet, buy her books and be entertained!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too good to be true? NOPE! Here's my cash now:

This is for real! Join me on my quest to online earnings. Check QUICK Cash on the right side bar. And yes, ODESK is still the NUMBER ONE!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Earn more income from your blog through Blogsvertise.

Here's my second earning:

Payment here is per approved task and it is sent after 30 days through paypal. You can find my first post about Blogvertise here.

My first assignment gave me $6 when my blog was still PR1. Now that it's PR2, I have noticed that offers increased to $9! That is really promising!

Don't have a Blogvertise account yet? Get started here:

1. In order to get started with Blogvertise you must register your account and blog here. Once you have created your account and submitted your blog, an administrator reviews your site for quality assurance purposes and will approve or reject your account. Please read the RULES here.

2. Once approved by the administrator your blogs are inserted into the assignment queue, where you will then be emailed tasks/new assignments to write about in your blog. When you have a pending task, you will receive a notification email. Mention the website in your blog and provide at least 3 links to the website in your blog entry. Your entry must be permanent and should not be deleted in the future.

Note: You do not have to endorse the website's products or services, just mention it, discuss it, or relate to it somehow in your blog/journal entry.

3. After you have written your blog entry, submit the blog entry back for review and approval via Blogvertise online forms. Once your blog entry is approved, you will be paid after 30 days via paypal.

Sign up now!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I joined by commenting on all of his 5 blogs last November 19 and holla! I won on 4 of them! Here are my prizes from each blog:

1. 1st Prize - 1 month ad @ All About Babies and Kids
Effective: This week; good for 31 days.

2. 3rd Prize - 1 week ad @ Cornyman's Blogreviews
Effective: February/March

3. 5th prize - 1500 ECs from The One Minute Guide

4. 3rd Prize - 1 week ad @ Best travel Pictures in The World
Effective: February/March

Wow! I'm so lucky, right? If you want to try your luck, join my contest too:
BHO's First Contest is Officially Up! Join Now!

Lizz of I Draw For A Living would like to share lovely, lovely goodies this Christmas season. It is so easy to join:

1) Follow I Draw For A Living through Google Connect.
2) Answer the following question by commenting on this contest post:

"What is the most awesome Christmas gift you've ever received?"

The contest will run until January 1, 2010, and prizes will be shipped to any address in the Philippines.

Here are the prizes at stake:

For more details about this contest, kindly visit Also, get hold of various updates about fashion, women, food, gadgets, shopping, events and more!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Got a heart? Vera does!

And now she is hosting this giveway:

Got Heart Planner Giveaway

The 2010 Got Heart Planner is from Got Heart Foundation.

Featuring at least twelve indigenous communities in the Philippines, the paintings of an Obo Manobo, Retchor “Ettok” Umpan, and passages written by young indigenous peoples themselves, the GOT HEART 2010 PLANNER is both interactive and youthful with its numerous activities and amazing information. The Planner also has different activities that will allow you to discover more about our IPs in fun and light ways. Aside from promoting love of culture, the GOT HEART PLANNER proceeds will help fund the foundation’s projects for the indigenous peoples, specially a T’boli School in Cotabato.

Start Y2010 right with this cool planner! To join:
*Simply leave comments on the GIVEAWAY post and earn one entry per comment.
*Comments on any of her blog posts dating from December 7 until the 25th will also qualify as one entry per comment.
*Blog about this giveaway and earn 5 entries, you also earn an additional entry when you leave the link to your post here (so there are six total points here).

This giveaway is open to anyone with an address in the Philippines. Winner will be drawn on December 26, 2009.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I received mine yesterday! Take a look:

I learned about this promotion from Pinay Mommy Online's blog so I signed up last November 24, 2009. It took 2 weeks then for me to actually get it. Though I believe it should include 3 variants, I just received 24-Hour Lasting Moisture and Melt Away Stress lotions. It seems that Naturally White is already out of stock. No worries, I will still enjoy these freebies! Thanks to Johnson's.

So now, I am sharing the softness! Avail your own gift package here. Hurry, it's good while the supply lasts!

Get hold of these:

24-Hour Lasting Moisture
- unlocks the secret of softness through round-the-clock moisturization.

Melt Away Stress
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Buy and Sell - text links - in blogs or websites

I recently signed up with Ask2Link (as Bambie's referral) to sell non-intrusive text based (links) ads on my website. With Ask2Link, advertisers can purchase plain text ads on your website.

Since I am new here, what you'll be reading is quoted from their "welcome" email:

Ask2Link is a web advertising company located in San Francisco Bay Area, California.
You don't need to live in the U.S.A or Canada though to make money with Ask2Link, since they send all paychecks through PayPal, so you will need to have a valid PayPal account. They accept international publishers (webmasters and bloggers) throughout the world.

They support Wordpress-powered blogs, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JSP, and also and Blogs so sign up now with Ask2Link.

And just a quick note to advertisers, SEO agencies/SEO specialists, internet marketers, or e-commerce websites: You could visit Ask2Link to buy static text links on hundreds of websites easily as part of your inbound link building and SEO campaign. They accept credit cards and PayPal payments and your text links will be live within five minutes after your order. Ask2Link's text links are unique because they are rendered as plain static HTML links that could bring you more traffic and boost your organic search engine ranking for your keywords.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

*Big hugs* for Princess Mary for bringing up this bright idea!

Okay, quick update for this contest: There are currently 31 participants and 297 raffle entries. Just to reiterate, we have two categories: Birthday Raffle & Points System. Though 1 point is equivalent to 1 entry, the "Points System" however will just include the points gained by writing your OWN reviews. Highest pointer will receive the BEST REVIEWER Award/Prize and yes, it's possible to win this and any of the three other major prizes!

Click the badge below to review the contest details:

BHO Contest

Now, what is this REFERRAL program?

Refer your friends to join this contest and gain more points! 1 referral gives you 3 points. If in case your friend does not want to join and would like to carry on SELECTIVE tasks, his/her supposed-to-be points/entries for that corresponding task will be credited to you. If he or she willingly donates all of his/her points to you, that would be fine but you will not gain referral points anymore since all of the points will be transferred to you instead.

IMPORTANT: No new blogs or phony account.

Note: Rules are still subject to changes.

There are more contests on my previous posts so feel free to back-read. And there is also an upcoming contest at Jena Isle's blog. She's one of my generous sponsors and on top of $35 cash prize from BHO, she will be giving away additional $5 to the Best Reviewer of her site.

For questions and clarifications about this contest, feel free to leave your comments.

Thank you for the continuous support!

Months ago, I signed up with LinkShowOff and installed this widget:

I then priced the link for $1 each and after more than 30-days, no one bothered to buy a link. My blog is already PR 2 and receiving lots of unique visitors daily through Adgitize and Entrecard but then again, no one seems to be interested. After placing it on my top left side bar, prioritizing an excellent advertising space in my blog, still... I don't think anyone bothered to click.

I, myself, have my own reasons for not purchasing a link on other blogger's LinkShowOff. For one, I'd rather advertise with Adgitize than buy a single link which has a tag, "rel=nofollow". Plus, 125X125 ad are more prone to "clicks" compared to anchor texts.

The links shown in the LinkShowOff widget are made nofollow as per Google's guidelines.

Second, a fee of $3 per transaction is way too much. ODESK just charged $1 per withdrawal so why can't they? Okay, I have nothing against LSO, but for now, let me just wave goodbye.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wow! It's been a while since I last checked my RS account and I was so surprised to see the current review rate: $2.50! I started with them when they buy consumer reviews for $2.00 and my first payment reached $58. Since then, I was not able to write more reviews since I've been busy exploring other earning sites. Right now, I still have $37 on my account and my last review was written last 11th of November. I have actually lots of items to review, it's just I don't have enough time.

Review Stream is a good paying site and my first online income was from them. I love it because they allow you to review anything under the sun!

If you wish to know more about Review Stream, just navigate the QUICK CASH on my left side bar. You will find helpful tips here and some payment proof.

Get paid for sharing your opinions!

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