Monday, November 16, 2009

My boyfriend keeps bugging me about my desired Christmas gift. Well, I am not asking nor requesting for anything. I am not that rich but I can buy what I want. Haha. But if ever there would be people who'd like to give me gifts, feel free!

I only have 3 things on my wish list:

1. Laptop
2. Ladies' Bag
3. Magic Cards

I am currently looking for the best LAPTOP deals! Suggestions, anyone?

Just wanna share this cool finds... what can you say?

As for ladies' bags, not the handbags... I prefer the big ones such as these:



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love that laptop skin! Hope you get the gifts you want on Christmas :)

Mark Ian said...

Baneslayers are the best gift. LOL

bambie said...

we've got the same #1 item on our wishlists, liz. hahaha!

by the way liz, i have several awards for you right here. i hope you can find the time to grab them.☺

czaroma said...

laptop and bag are on my list too... cross-out na first one for I bought one already :)

love those bags on your list! pero talaga you're into magic cards???

l_i_z said...

Hi Bambie, I will surely grab them! Haha. Thanks a lot! Love u so muchos! Hihi!

@ Mark Ian
Haha. Someone is selling 3x BSA for 5200. I might buy it na. :)

Wow. Good for you, you've got a new laptop~
Yeah, im into magic cards. Si boyfriend kasi. Are you familiar with MTG, too? :P

@ others
thanks for dropping by. gotta visit your sites as well. see yah!

My Memories and Crystals said...

Nice laptop, hope you can have it this Christmas.
Blessings to you. I've got a new domain and template. Hope you can visit. Blessings!

bambie said...

hi again liz! thanks for dropping by my site. i tagged you for something. kulit ko noh? hihihi. it's here. wag ka makukulitan sa akin ha?☺ mwah!

tr3otrip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gagay said...


i have added already your two blogs in all my blogs! hope ull do the same! gracias!

The Latest Buzzzz
Walking News Paper
Pinoy Medical Doctor

gagay said...

ei! sorry, i got the wrong link for my third blog in my previous comment.

these are correct one..

The Latest Buzzzz
Walking News Paper
Pinoy Medical Doctor

sai said...

sure Liz! Just tell me the full details first - size, design and the content... ^_^

Jaya said...

Tiger Direct has a good deal on a Sony laptop right now... they're promoting it on their home page. ( Very attractive deal, and free shipping too.

Lizzy said...

^THanks. I'm browsing through the site now.

Sush said...

you play magic? my boyfriend does too! i tried haha but i dont own cards so i easily forogot how to play

Liz said...

^wow! That's cool! Haha. My bf taught me how to play, and now I'm addicted! ^_^

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