Thursday, November 12, 2009

Congratulations Princess Sarah! Your "Memories and Crystals" rocks!


Green has always been a color of growth, calmness and relaxation. We share the same attributes. Our blogs signify LIFE.

"My Memories and Crystals" has been up an running in the blogosphere since December 2008. Being managed by a teacher, the blog obviously stays organized and updated. It is really meant to be informative as it is.

The blog entries are totally randomized but most of them have something to do with God's words and blessings. One will definitely enjoy reading her random thoughts, shared memes, updated contests, and more. As a true Christian, the loving wife behind all these can touch several lives. What make her widgets more unique are the inspiring "Verse of the Day" and womens' calendar. Aside from the usual buttons and shoutmix that can be found on other blogs, hers really projects her personality. You can browse through her archive and find worthy reads.

I would like to brand "My Memories and Crystals" with 3G's. Green. Great. God.

To Sarah, keep up the good work! More power and God bless!


My Memories and Crystals said...

wow grabe yong blog review mo Mommy, I was touched. I also show it to my hubby tapos binasa nya, hehe!
Thanks again.

Liz said...

Thanks sa appreciation. ^_^

Seiko said...

Kudos to the Author of My Memories & Crystal,'though I already congratulate her,I still wanted to greet her through here.
Thanks for the visit gonna add you now:D
God Bless!

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