Saturday, November 21, 2009

Overflowing Blog Awards

Sunshine of "My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf" said it right; it's raining awards! I am one of her lucky tags so I am grabbing all of those now:

It may seem that I am not an active blogger anymore due to few updates here but you may also check PINKVILLE to catch more of me! Yup, I've got two lovely homes!

Now, I would like to pass on these awards to my beloved online friends and other fellow bloggers. Thank you for making my blogging experience worthwhile!

1. Babysanji
2. Bubbly Bhlue
3. Cathara
4. Tey
5. Ovahcoffee
6. Young Momma
7. Ria Adria
8. Ritz


sai said...

Hi Liz, here's your request... If you need to change something just tell me... and we'll do it again... especially on the texts... ^_^

Liz said...

Hey sai! Thanks a lot! I will be updating my post about this upcoming contest! Thanks. I really love it! Hey, I hope you can still help me when the CONTEST proper begins. ^_^

I wish i am as talented as you! :)

♥ria♥ said...

Hi Liz.. Thank 4 d award
those awards are cool, I Love them
i'll take them all *wink*

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