Sunday, November 08, 2009

This is so overwhelming! I just noticed that most of the blogs in Adgitize Network have an updated Page Rank so I decided to check mine. And whoa! It is now PR2!

Google PageRank Checker

Nice! Thank you to all the support from my fellow bloggers! Thanks to Adgitize and Entrecard as well.

My PINKVILLE got a PR1 now! It was NA before. Great!

Page Rank Check

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teJan said...

congrats:) have a nice day!

cornyman said...

ups... and i lost the PR 2 from my Baby-blog and the PR1 from my Money-Blog :(

l_i_z said...

^Awww. What happened? What could be the possible reasons? :(

Secret® said...

wow... congrats!
secret affiliate now PR 3 he he

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