Friday, November 13, 2009

Adgitize: Now or Later?

The big question: Now or Later? It is not a matter of renewing my ad or not, but when...
I keep on answering SURE to Cornyman's Survey but as I received an email notification about my AD expiry alert and after checking my month-t0-date earnings, I am having second thoughts.

Total Earned This Month: $4.46

Points DateTotal PointsMember PointsPercentage EarnedEarnings for Day

My "OVERCASHED" ad will expire on Nov 15. Shall I risk the remaining 15 days with very low earnings since the adjustment will probably take place on December? Now, I am definitely confused. It's not NOW or NEVER. Instead, now or later. Do you think I should just let may ad expire then just renew it this December? By the way, current number of advertisers is down to 198. Is there something I have to fear? I need your comments... Thanks!


cornyman said...

Though decision for sure!

If you would push some more traffic with the help of EntreCard to your blog... you could achieve perhaps 300 points without the need of advertisement?
Just drop 300 cards on the TOP 300 most popular EntreCard members and you should see 50% will return the favor in the first days and then the rate will go up to 80%.
More advertisement in EntreCard on Blogs which cost 32 - 384 ECs.

I will see how my earnings get affected as i will be on holidays from 19 to perhaps 27 or 29 November. There i will loose 100 click points + 10 Preferred Publisher points and i guess a lot of ad/page view points.

Hope i can stay above the 300 points level for some days. My previous statistics show that i loose 20% traffic daily when i don't drop EntreCard.

As for your decision,
try to achieve 300 points as long as possible (15th November) so that you get for each day around 50 Cents. This will leave you with around 7$ until 15th November.

The next 15 days you could achieve 20 cents if you don't advertise, so you could reach 10$ payout.

If you see that you can't reach the payout... start advertising from 25th November on when the earnings should be much better and the clicks to your page will be more, too, than on 15th November!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I am keeping my ad because of the traffic I get from Adg. I know I may "lose" a few dollars this month, but I think it's worth it. With fewer ads in the system any one ad may have a greater chance of being clicked, although 198 vs 203 is only a 2.5% difference.

lizzy said...

Thanks for the inputs. Very much appreciate. I guess I will stick with EC for the meantime. Come december, I will advertise again.

And yeah, it's true. Sometimes when I dropped lesser ECs, I've got few drops as well.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion,i guess you'd better wait till december so you will have the full month to earn back the advertising fee. that's just my 2 cents though. EC is helpful too. i don't have the funds to pay for adgitize yet, but hopefully i will by december too. :)

czaroma said...

Don't take the risk! I also think that you should advertise on December when earnings are adjusted. Just spend the rest of the days earning in other ways :)

Liz said...

Cool opinions. Thanks guys! I love you more! Keep earning. Thanks for the visit by the way!

dickster1961 said...

I am sure I will be getting my renewal notice in the next few days. I plan to renew my so that I have at least a full month of everybody being on the new rate. At that time I can decide whether it makes sense to keep running the ads

cornyman said...

Sorry to say, but after reading the new blog post in Adgitize, it's bad not to advertise.

There is one point which was not published yet...

Advertiser get a doubling of AD and PAGE VIEW POINTS .

In your case... you would not only loose 100 advertiser points and 10 points (lost Adgitize-Traffic) but also 50% of your previous ad/page view points which have been 20 to 30 points.

That leaves you with just 250 points as a maximum and earnings of 17 - 22 cents daily!

More about the new advertisement option in Adgitize on Cornyman's Money-Blog.

My Little's Angel Journey (Rose) said...

ako di ako umalis nagrenew pa rin ako sa adgitize last nov. 10. alam kong malaki ang nabawas sa akin pero ok lang kasi dahil ng traffic. di ko na kasi medyo gusto ang ec ngaun eh. btw pero nasayo pa rin naman ang desisyon sis kung irerenew mo oh hindi think it twice ^_~...

yashiro said...

I got my renewal notice 3rd day of November but I still renewed my ad. It's okay to loose a few dollars than not to gain at all. And also in the first place, as ADVERTISER, we pay for the advertisement and earning is a perk that Adgitize offer to their valued client.

diggpoints said...

wow. i just start with adgitize me. i earned little point.could you help me?

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